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Style Guide: Creating a colourful bathroom

Our bathrooms are havens where we can retreat to and get away from it all for a while. However, creating a calming space you enjoy spending time relaxing in doesn’t mean you have to stick with traditional neutral tones and plainer styles. With so many patterns and colours to choose from, when it comes to bathroom décor, you can create striking and colourful interiors which not only look great but also give you that much-needed feeling of escape.

Even if you don’t love a bright and bold colour palette, you can still design a room with colour without it being overpowering or dramatic. It just takes a little inspiration and the right products…

Our guide to embracing the colour trend

If you want to inject a bit of colourful personality into your bathroom design, then the first thing to consider is how bold you want to go. We’ll look at six different ways in which you can bring colour into your space, to help you decide.

  1. Colour blocking: For a real statement look, kitting out your bathroom in full-on colour will create instant wow factor. The Metro Verde Bottle-green Biselado Brillo Green Ceramic Tile is a bold glossy subway tile which embodies the current green trend and will create a vibrant look. The rich bottle-green tone has a luxurious feel to it and can be complemented by white furniture such as baths and basins, with gold fixtures and fittings like taps and lighting great for adding further depth and texture to the room.
  2. The Metro VerdeBottle-green Biselado Brillo Green Ceramic Tile can create a stunning feature in your bathroom.

  3. A fabulous feature: Colour can also be incorporated into your bathroom through single feature walls or feature furniture – think colourful, patterned tiles or painted baths and vanities. Metallic freestanding baths, such as those with silver or copperleaf finishes, are also a great way to create a focal point in the room and add a fabulous feature through furniture.

    Colours also needn’t always be bright and light – you can tap into the current ‘Gothcore’ trend by investing in a statement black bath, for example. The Heritage Osterley Freestanding Acrylic Double-ended Bath in Black Acrylic has a modern matt finish and will create a striking feature in any bathroom.

    With a double-ended style, you can enjoy a relaxing soak at either end of this sleek tub, while the noir aesthetic has a classy, contemporary edge to it which embraces the darker end of the colour palette. The freestanding design of this bath also makes it a natural focal point of the bathroom, as it can be placed more flexibly within the space.
  4. The Heritage Osterley Freestanding Acrylic Double-ended Bath in Black will add wow factor.

    The Josef Martin Urbano Two-drawer Floorstanding Vanity Unit and Basin in Forest-green.

  5. Colour furniture: Instead of focusing on flooring or wall colour, furniture can be used as the colourful aspects of your bathroom.

    For example, the Josef Martin Urbano Two-drawer Floorstanding Vanity Unit & Basin in Forest-green will inject colour into your bathroom in a more understated way, centring it on the vanity unit instead of the tiles. (Although you could, of course, have another shade on either the walls or floor).

    The matt forest-green tone again incorporates the ongoing green bathroom trend for 2023 and adds colour without being too bold, if you prefer something a bit less vibrant. You can also accessorise it with matt black handles, as pictured, or opt for brass or chrome, as you prefer.
  6. The Chevron Wall-mounted Vanity Unit & Basin with Brushed Brass Frame, meanwhile, has a striking matt chevron-style design on the front drawer, while the cornflower-blue tone with brushed brass overflow, handle and frame will add that pop of colour to your bathroom.

    Colour doesn’t always have to be bright and bold, so choosing a more muted shade like this will add it to your interior in a gentler way.

    The chevron pattern on the front also adds texture and character to the unit, which contributes to the overall aesthetic of the bathroom.

    Add a pop of colour into your bathroom with the blue Chevron Wall-mounted Vanity Unit & Basin with Brushed Brass Frame.

  7. Contrasting colours: Using colour combinations is another inspired way to introduce different tones into your bathroom design. These can, again, be bolder hues or something more muted, such as pastels or brown tones. Meanwhile, the shades can also have a striking contrast or simply change the look more subtly, while still differing in terms of colour.

    For example, the Star Blue Pattern Tile in Blue Ceramic can be paired with any combination of white and navy, blue or grey – the choice is up to you. You may also prefer to style it with something totally different, as the blue and white of this design makes it very versatile when it comes to surrounding décor. A navy vanity unit can complement the blue pattern of the tiles while a grey metro tile can add a subtle contrast without being too bold.
  8. The Star Blue Pattern Tile in Blue Ceramic can be contrasted with various other colours.

  9. Painted baths and vanities: These can be combined with coloured walls and flooring but also work well with more neutral colour palettes, such as white or wood-effect tiles, for example.

    The Happi Floorstanding Vanity Unit and Basin in Yellow will instantly cheer up your bathroom with its vibrant colour and it can either be a focal piece or you can get creative and pair it with coloured tiles or other painted furniture. With a matt finish and modern design, this compact little unit will bring a welcome pop of colour and instantly brighten up your space.

    The integrated handles give it a streamlined aesthetic, while the soft-close hinges of the double drawers keeps everything nice and quiet when opening and closing these.
  10. The Happi Floorstanding Vanity Unit and Basin in Yellow.

    The Harrogate Mayflower Acrylic Freestanding RAL Bath in Salmon Pink Acrylic is another piece of painted furniture that will add colour to your bathroom without being too over-the-top.

    With a matt finish, this pretty pastel tone will work well alongside a wide range of colours, while the slipper design gives it those attractive smooth clean lines. The thick ledge is also balanced out at the base of the bath, creating a pleasing symmetry, while you can add extra style with an accompanying freestanding bath tap.

    A painted bath is a great way to bring colour into your bathroom.

  11. Accented wall or floor: Another great way to showcase your favourite tiles, creating an accented wall or floor means you can use colourful tiles on one and then contrast with a simpler, plainer style of tile on the other. This will draw attention to the colour while also balancing out the interior to avoid making it overpowering in terms of the design.

    The Marrakech Hexagon Tile Pattern Ceramic is a colourful patterned tile in a hexagonal shape which will make a stunning feature wall, creating a contemporary vibe in your bathroom. The fusion of colour and designs on these tiles means that you can have any number of patterns once they’re laid, creating a unique look that will refresh and revitalise your interior.
  12. The Marrakech Hexagon Tile Pattern in Ceramic can be used for a stunning feature wall.

Colourful bathrooms at Bathshack

If you want to update your existing bathroom and add a pop of colour into your home, or are designing a new one from scratch, we can provide a great selection of coloured bathroom-ware, whatever your tastes. From the painted furniture mentioned above, to coloured and patterned tiles – both for walls and floors – we have a varied range of products which will inspire you towards a more colourful space.

Whether you’d like to create a bold bathroom with block primary colours or would prefer to try something a little less vibrant, you can mix and match our tiles to create the look you want. Our expert team is also on hand to provide any tips and advice, should you need it, on what works well together from our collection.

If you’d like some help in creating a colourful bathroom, why not visit your local Bathshack showroom and have a chat with one of our team. Alternatively, email us at or call (028) 9077 0188.