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Smart bath and shower storage ideas for a clutter-free bathroom

As places where we go to relax and unwind, our bathrooms are sanctuaries which can enhance our wellbeing, so keeping them clutter-free will help to create the ideal environment. Being smart with storage is therefore key, if you want to maintain that relaxing ambience – especially if you have a smaller room where maximising space is paramount.

For some smart storage inspiration for your home, read to the end of the blog to find out what we recommend ...

Stylish storage solutions

If you have a bath then an easy way to create a handy storage option is with a bath caddy, which can be set across the top of the bath and will add both style and practicality to your interior.

For example, the Viktor Benson Bamboo Bath Caddy and Bath Board is great for keeping essential bath products to hand while also ensuring that your bathroom is neat and tidy. The stylish bamboo finish also brings in a calming, nature-inspired vibe and there’s plenty of space for storing everything from bath foam to shampoos and lotions. It’s also anti-slip and adjustable, so can be fitted to any size of bath for added convenience.

The Viktor Benson Bamboo Bath Caddy and Bath Board can be used to store essential bathroom toiletries and other items.

Meanwhile, if you have a shower, then you can add essential storage by creating recesses in the wall, which are unobtrusive, stylish and will give you somewhere handy to keep toiletries without having shelves protruding into the space.

Creating a recess in your shower is a great way to create extra storage space for toiletries.

You can make your shower recess pop a little more by using different tiles to contrast with the rest of the shower décor.

Another smart storage solution is to invest in a heated towel rail, as these are great for warming towels, keeping them neatly out of the way at the same time. Available in a range of sizes, styles and finishes, including white, matt black, anthracite and brushed brass, there’s something to suit every taste. If you locate your towel rail strategically next to your shower and/or bath, then your warmed towels will be within easy reach when you finish washing.

The Nelson Designer Towel Radiator has a modern grey steel tone and is ideal for contemporary bathrooms, with rounded edges and a stylish matt finish.

The Nelson Designer Towel Radiator will keep towels out of the way.

While bath caddies are great for bathtubs, shower caddies – either wall-mounted or floorstanding – are also an inspired storage choice for your shower. These can be hung inside the shower or placed in a handy position so all your bathroom products are neatly contained and within easy access.

Shower shelves are another option – for a more space-saving look, corner shelves are ideal, as these can be tucked into the corner of the shower and are less obtrusive. Meanwhile, dedicated shelving on the wall beside the shower can also provide convenient storage. Wall hooks for towels and racks for storing toiletries can also be strategically placed near your shower or bath.

The Hudson Reed Enclosure Hook for Frameless Enclosures has a polished chrome finish and is a robe hook specially designed for use on frameless shower screens. With a modern, minimalist look, this double hook can be used on both sides, which means you could hang a robe on one side and shower items on the other.

Something like the Burford Towel Hanger in Chrome is a great option for adding to your radiator, if you have this near your bath or shower. Fitting a towel hanger means you can keep towels in easy reach for when you need them, while the hanger designs are also stylish and you can mix and match finishes.

The Hudson Reed Enclosure Hook for Frameless Enclosures.

The Burford Towel Hanger in Chrome can be attached to your radiator.

Adding towel hangers to your radiators mean you can keep towels within easy reach when you’re in the shower or bath.

Another inspired storage option for your shower is installing a shower bench or seat. These are not only good for adding comfort and convenience in the shower, they can also double up as storage for toiletries or towels. Meanwhile, you can add further visual interest and texture to the shower by tiling a shower bench, for example, in different tiling from the rest of the shower and/or opting for more decorative and eye-catching designs.

For example, as photographed below, the Penny Calacatta Gold Matte Non-slip Mosaic Sheet has been used to tile a shower bench as a contrasting look to the surrounding tiling, while also still complementing them with the general neutral tone. The mosaic style and matt finish further adds texture and detail along with practicality in the non-slip element – which is obviously very important when using tiles in a shower space.

The Penny Calacatta Gold Matte Non-slip Mosaic sheet has been used to tile a shower bench, which adds character and can also double up as a handy storage solution.

The Hudson Reed Wooden Shower Seat, meanwhile, has polished hinges and a wooden seat and folds away neatly when not in use – although this is, of course, when you can also repurpose it for storage.

The Hudson Reed Wooden Shower Seat.

And … if you want to get a little more creative, then leaning a stepladder against the wall near the shower or bath for keeping towels and products on is another idea. It also adds a quirky element to your bathroom decor – and you can dress it up and use it as a decorative storage piece for displaying plants or other items if you don’t want to use it for toiletries or towels.

Find your ideal storage solutions at Bathshack

If you’re looking for smart storage solutions for your shower and bath then we have a variety of options available at Bathshack for great-value prices. Hopefully we’ve inspired you with some ideas of what you can do to keep your bathroom clutter-free and, if you need any more assistance, then our team is always on hand to help.

Meanwhile, for more traditional storage options, check out our range of vanity units and cabinets online – smarter storage is only ever a few clicks away!

For all your bathroom storage needs, visit our website at Alternatively, if you have any questions, just email our team at, call us on (028) 9077 0188 or use our online chat.