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Self Care around the Holidays

Christmas is approaching and we can all say that it is a time that we should look forward to. However, with all hustle and bustle organising parties and finding gifts it can be hard to remember to have some time to yourself. Use this article to plan your self-care so that you can enjoy the upcoming holidays to their fullest.

The preparatory work

If you want to feel calm and relaxed in your bathroom, you might want to plan on cleaning up any bits and bobs that aren’t necessary to your relaxation routine. By no means do you need to scrub the room from top to bottom until it sparkles - just do your best to clean any areas that could deter you from spending time in it.

Take time for yourself

It is easy to feel overwhelmed during all of the holidays. We find that there is no better way to escape the world than to indulge in a nice warm bubble bath.

The most important thing to relax in the bath is to take your time. Don't plan your bath time whilst family could disturb you and make sure to turn your phone off. Interruptions are only going to stress you out even more. Close the door and ignore the world. To make things extra luxurious, invest in a bath caddy so that you can have some little luxuries such as a good book on hand whilst you unwind.

However, if you do not have access to a bath, a long, invigorating shower can help a lot too. The choice of shower head can enrich the experience so if possible, look out for monsoon shower heads. This type of shower head provides extremely relaxing water flow that emulates rainfall.

Soothing sounds

It is easy to feel overwhelmed during all of the holidays. Your days can feel pretty non-stop. We believe that enjoying some music is a great way to enhance me-time. But it isn’t just us that believe this! Studies have confirmed that listening to music boosts our mood significantly and helps to get into the right frame of mind. Music reduces stress and anxiety. So why not play some music as you relax in that bath or shower?

It is important to note that not all music players are safe for use in bathrooms. Not even your phone is safe to use. That’s why leading companies have created devices that you can play music right from the comfort of your bathroom. Devices such as the Grohe Phillips Aquatunes Shower Speaker will allow you to listen to all of your favourite music as you shower. This model is waterproof, shock proof, and best of all, provides excellent audio output.


Aromatherapy isn't anything new but it is certainly something that many of us forget about. Aromatherapy will help to boost energy levels, eliminate headaches, boost cognitive performance, and most importantly it helps you to relax.  Make your bathroom smell wonderful with scent diffusers and candle. Your options are endless with scents include chamomile, Lavender, Jasmine, and festive scents to help you feel even more Christmassy. Make sure whichever scent you use goes nicely with your favourite soap fragrance!

Decorate with plants

Changing up your bathroom can lift your mood. However, this close to Christmas, it is unlikely that you are planning to update your bathroom any time soon. But what you can do is inject some colour into your space by adding some plant life. Now, not all plants can thrive the lack of light and high humidity levels present in most bathrooms. So, we are making things a little easier for you and giving you the top 5 plants that can live in a bathroom.

  • Orchids love humidity which makes them an ideal candidate for your bathroom! Orchids are very pretty and can greatly enhance the space they’re in.
  • A peace lily has deep green glossy leaves and beautiful white flowers. In humid areas, such as a bathroom, the peace lily does not require much TLC to thrive.
  • A fern is comfortable in humid areas too and will help to purify the air in your bathroom.
  • Aloe Vera is a plant that can also flourish in bathroom environments, they do not require constant care. They do require some light but this can either natural or artificial making this plant ideal for windowless bathrooms.
  • A spider plant isn’t as scary as the name suggests. The spider plant has an appearance that looks striking no matter what room it is placed in.

Dimmed lighting

Ah, the holiday excitement is kicking in and you’re finding it hard to sleep. Well, did you know that it may not just be excitement keeping you awake? Light can make or break a sleeping pattern. Only in the morning should we be looking at bright light as it keeps our minds awake for longer.  Dimming the lights is always a great option to have in the evenings when you're about to step into a hot bubble bath. Dim lights aren’t as likely to impact your sleeping pattern. If you are installing lights, be sure to see if you're fitting will allow for a dimmer switch. If that seems too difficult, just replace one of the lights in your bathroom with a lower watt bulb for a similar effect.

Our recommendation

Insignia Starlight LED Board

The Insignia Starlight Board provides lighting suitable for when you’re hoping to unwind at the end of the day. It has a star and moon design so it’s the perfect thing to finalise your bathroom setting in the evening. With various colour settings, you can create a calming atmosphere with ease.

Keep things cosy

Your towels are dried up and certainly don’t feel pleasant to the touch. If this sounds familiar, then it may be worth investing in some new towels. Yes, it’s time to part ways with your tattered towels to truly indulge in the time spent in your bathroom. For added luxury, spoil yourself with a heated towel rail. No one likes to step out of their shower or bath to be greeted by cold towels. By investing in a heated rail your towels will feel nice and cosy every time they are used.

Our recommendations

Phoenix Gardo Designer Towel Rail

Heating your rooms is now not only about getting a comfortable temperature but also finding something can add to your design. The Phoenix Gardo Towel Rails are suitable for all heating systems and boast the highest quality craftsmanship and materials.

Phoenix Athena Stainless Steel Towel Rail

The Athena Stainless Steel towel rail boasts a higher heat output than standard chrome models and is rust proof and corrosion resistant ensuring a long-life span. This radiator is elegant with clean lines finalising the contemporary look.

Self-care isn't selfish. It is important to have time to yourself to truly relax. Pick a few things from this article that sound good to you. You don't schedule self-care in, just try to wiggle some of the above into your routine when you can and hopefully you will feel better for it.

Be sure to check back at our blog for more bathroom related articles as we approach the holidays.