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Relaxing bath ideas

Our bathrooms have long been a place to seek sanctuary and, for many people, having a bath is the ultimate way to unwind. Whether it’s relaxing after a busy day at work, taking a timeout from the kids or simply to enjoy a spot of pampering, there are many benefits to bathing and lots of enjoyment to be had.

So, if you’re a ‘bath person’ and like to while away some time in the tub, here’s how you can elevate the experience to ensure optimum pleasure.

All about ambience

As with most things, a bit of prep goes a long way to making bath time extra-special, but you don’t have to worry – it’s the little things which can make a big difference. Of course, the most important element of a nice relaxing bath is to actually have a bath and then, to make sure it’s one you really like and look forward to getting into.

So, practicality and aesthetics are key.

Before we get on to the baths themselves, however, here’s some inspiration for a more relaxing bath time experience.

Make bath time a relaxing experience by choosing a style of bath you really love, such as the La Rochelle Luxury Double Slipper Freestanding Bath in Copperleaf Finish.

  • Prep your space: Create the right ambience for you by lighting a favourite scented candle or adding some ambient music in the background. You might also want to invest in a bath caddy for holding all those essential items, such as books, tablets or glasses, particularly if you have a freestanding bath without surrounding ledges.
  • Make sure the water temperature is just right: This will be different for everyone, but most people enjoy a warm bath more than the very hot – and they’re also generally more soothing than a scalding one!
  • Read or watch something: Why not combine a few relaxing experiences and make bathing truly brilliant? If you enjoy unwinding with a book, bring one into the tub and if you prefer to watch a few videos, then do that instead. Whatever helps you to unwind.
  • Add bath salts and oils, bubbling bath bombs or foam: These are all great for pampering the skin and helping those muscles release tension, so choose your favourite fragrances, lie back and relax.
  • Bathe before bed for better sleep: A study from the Sleep Medicine Reviews journal found that bathing an hour or two before bed helps us to both fall asleep more quickly and enjoy better quality sleep. The research also revealed that a mere ten minutes in the tub is more than enough time before bed to reap these benefits and that most people usually spend between 10-20 mins in the tub.

Now for the baths and, for a truly luxurious bathing experience, we have a few favourites which might just become your top picks too …

The Viktor Benson Corfu Freestanding Double-ended Bath has smooth, clean lines.

Relax in a designer double-ended bath

If you like the double-ended freestanding bath trend, then there are a couple of styles from the Viktor Benson range which are great examples of this particular design. The Viktor Benson Corfu Freestanding Double-ended Bath in white acrylic has a smooth, sleek aesthetic which instantly promotes calming vibes. The clean lines, along with those gentle double curved ends create a minimal look, with the flush to floor style adding to the overall symmetry of the bath.

The Viktor Benson Taha Freestanding Double-ended Bath.

A white bath will go well with any décor and this one has a cool, contemporary appearance which will make bath time a genuine delight.

Similar in style, but with added depth and raised slightly higher at each end, the Viktor Benson Taha Freestanding Double-ended Bath, is another white acrylic bath with a flush to floor design. The smooth clean lines of this bath once again invite you to step inside, while the streamlined style has a distinctly modern look.

Immerse yourself in a marvelous metallic tub

Bath time relaxation means something different to everyone, so if your soak in the tub would be made better by a less minimal-looking design, then consider metallic …

The La Rochelle Luxury Double Slipper Freestanding Bath has a stunning silverleaf finish and will instantly give your bathroom a gilded look that will add character and a touch of decadence to the space. Again, with a flush to floor design, the La Rochelle also has a defined border surrounding the bottom of the bath, which adds extra detailing and complements the top rim shape.

In contrast to the base, the rim is in white acrylic which overflows from the inside of the bath, accentuating that luxurious silverleaf finish.

Indulge in a gorgeous silverleaf bathtub, like the La Rochelle Luxury Double Slipper Freestanding style above.

This detailing is also evident in the Elementa Ayda Freestanding Bath, which has a very distinct base, with stud detailing running along this and in two asymmetric ‘seams’ which extend up the body to where the bath’s sides begin to rise at either end. There is also another ‘seam’ running down the centre of each end of the bath.

The Elementa Ayda Freestanding Bath evokes a more rustic vibe.

The Elementa Bath is finished in a matt, metallic umber tone, which gives it a more natural, rustic look and exudes a sense of homely comfort. Indeed, there is something reassuringly sturdy about this ample tub – as if it will give you a warm hug once you sink beneath those bubbles.

If that style isn’t for you, then the La Rochelle Luxury Double Slipper Freestanding Bath in Copperleaf Finish has a more golden aesthetic which is less rustic and robust, more elegance and refinement.

The smooth glossy finish of this bath with its dappled appearance – like sunlight through a leafy canopy on a summer’s day – evokes a sense of warmth and relaxation, surely an invitation to step inside for a soak.

Relax in the elegance of a La Rochelle Luxury Double Slipper Freestanding Bath in Copperleaf Finish.

Classic claw and ball feet tubs

Moving away from the flush to floor double-ended bathtubs, for a style which combines a more traditional look with a dash of modern, the Balmoral Freestanding Right-hand Shower Bath with Black Claw & Ball Feet is worthy of a mention.

The Balmoral Freestanding Right-hand Shower Bath with Black Claw and Ball Feet blends classic and contemporary style.

With two sides set against the wall, this presents more space for placing your bath products within easy reach – think bath foam, salts and oils, or candles, cups and wine glasses … As a fitted bath, there can also be an enhanced sense of cosiness, being close to the walls, while those eye-catching claw and ball feet ensure that there’s no mistaking this bath for anything ordinary.

Elevating the bath off the floor, the feet add character and style and complement the roll-top edges, which give an added sense of luxury. This is a bath which sits comfortably between the home and the hotel, embodying elements of what you’d expect to find in both and delivering something unique which combines all the very best bits.

Ultimately, baths are great for easing anxiety and reducing stress, as immersion in warm water not only helps to boost blood circulation, but also reduces inflammation and eases muscle tension. They’re therefore good for your mental health and result in a more relaxed state.

If you also have a beautifully designed bath which you love to spend time in, then you’re all good to go for a truly indulgent and relaxing bath time experience …

Why not drop into one of our showrooms to see our beautiful baths in person and try them on for size! Alternatively, if you’d like any information on our range of baths just email us at or call (028) 9077 0188. We’re always happy to help!