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Product of Choice: Eliseo Ricci Monsoon Waterfall Shower Tower - Chrome

Are you thinking of visiting our Cork showroom? Come and check out our Showroom manager Gavin’s top product pick - the Eliseo Ricci Monsoon Waterfall Shower Tower in Chrome. It is also available Black If you want something different to chrome.

This shower tower is the perfect combination of style and practicality. It has a smooth, seamless design and a polished chrome finish, making it one of the sleekest shower units in our Cork showroom. It is an all-in-one unit, so all its parts are encased in one tall uniform box. This gives it a streamlined look that’s perfect for a modern bathroom or a smaller shower enclosure with limited space. It also makes it easier to clean, as there are fewer crevices for dirt, germs and limescale to hide.

Not only is it a functional rain shower, but it also offers two built-in body jets to create a luxurious spa-style shower in your own home at a fraction of the cost. It even comes with a handheld side hose for more thorough rinsing and washing of the shower enclosure.

The shower is constructed from Stainless Steel, which makes it highly durable. It is also easy to install and features flexible tails, so it is suitable for any shower enclosure.

The Monsoon has fast-acting thermostatic control. This means it reacts quickly to sudden temperature changes to prevent scalding. So, if someone turns on a cold water tap in the kitchen, it ensures nobody in the shower is shocked by a sudden jet of hot water! As this is a thermostatic shower, it requires both a hot and cold-water supply. It also requires a decent operating pressure (minimum of 0.5bar, but advisable to have approx. 2bar pressure running to the unit for an effective performance). Our Cork staff can help you determine if this shower is suitable for your water pressure system.

Not only is the Monsoon a stunning shower, but it’s also available for an incredible €529, reduced from over €1000! To get yours, come and visit us in Cork. For showroom opening hours and directions, click here.

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