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New Year, New Loo

On the market for a new toilet this year?  When it comes to loo shopping, you'll be surprised by the wide range of options out there. The one you choose will depend on your bathroom plumbing, layout, size, and style. To make things easier, our guide will introduce you to the different types of toilets we offer at Bathshack, as well as the benefits of each. You'll find the perfect loo for your bathroom in no time!


Close Coupled Toilets

These are the most common toilets found in UK & Ireland homes. The cistern is attached to the toilet bowl, creating one unit. The pipes are hidden within the casings of the toilet, and they have either a flush button on top of the cistern or a lever in the front.

Close-coupled toilets are cost-effective and well suited to bathrooms with limited space or awkward corners. They’re also very easy and affordable to install, so you can have it up and running sooner rather than later.


Back to Wall Toilets

Back-to-wall toilets are becoming more and more popular in new builds. They are installed directly onto the wall or against a W.C. Unit, so they do not require support from a frame. This means all plumbing and waste pipes flow straight into the wall and are hidden from view. The cistern is also concealed within the wall or the unit for an aesthetically pleasing, minimalist look.

These toilets are a slick, space-saving solution for a modern or small bathroom. They can also be adjusted to your height preference. With no awkward nooks and crannies, they are very easy to clean for a more hygienic toilet.


Wall Hung Toilets

A wall-hung or floating toilet takes up a minimal amount of space compared to a traditional toilet. Because the free up the floor underneath, they save valuable floor space and make your bathroom look bigger. This also creates an incredibly stylish look that’s perfect for a modern bathroom. Our range offers a variety of styles and finishes, so you will easily find one that elevates your décor. We have wall-hung toilets from brands exclusive to Bathshack, as well as top manufacturers such as Grohe.

You can install a wall-hung toilet in any convenient space near a water source. You can even adapt the height according to your needs, which is ideal for someone with restricted mobility. They are also very easy to clean. Because the bowl is above the floor, you can easily clean the floor underneath, while their streamlined design means there are fewer places for dirt, dust, and germs to hide.

A Toilet Frame is essential for installing a wall-hung toilet. This is a fixing frame that provides support for securing your toilet to the wall. It also incorporates a concealed cistern and the pipework, so all that’s visible is the toilet pan and the flush plate.

Low-Level & High-Level Toilets

Bring some vintage elegance to your bathroom with a high-level or low-level toilet!

With a high-level toilet, the cistern is placed high up on the wall and connected to the pan by an exposed pipe, completed with a pull chain flush. These classic toilets are perfect if you have a period-style or traditional bathroom. Victorian style is a trend that’s becoming increasingly popular in interiors, so if you want to get ahead of the curve, add one of these toilets to your bathroom for an authentic look.

If you want the aesthetic of a high-level toilet but don’t have the space, go for a low-level toilet. These toilets have a similar look, but the cistern is located lower down on the wall and has a lever instead of a pull chain flush.


Comfort Height Toilets

Almost 1 in 7 of us in Ireland have restricted mobility. As the population grows and we begin to live longer, this is expected to increase by 2026. This may be why comfort-height toilets are becoming more popular. These toilets stand a few inches taller than standard toilets and are designed to offer a more comfortable sitting position and greater support for users, especially those who are tall or have mobility issues. As the toilets are closer to average human height, it results in less pressure on joints and reduces lower back pain and discomfort when sitting down and getting up off the toilet. Our comfort heigh toilets do not compromise on style and come in a range of designs to suit all bathrooms.


Other Toilet Features

Besides toilet type, there are other practical features you can look out for when choosing a toilet.

Soft close seats

Almost all our toilets are equipped with soft-close seats. These prevent noisy slamming, trapped fingers and damage to the toilet bowl. They are ideal if you have children, or your bathroom is next to a bedroom – no one wants their sleep disturbed in the middle of the night by a slamming toilet seat!

Rimless toilets

As the name suggests, these toilets don’t have a traditional rim around the inside of the bowl. It prevents the build-up of disease-causing bacteria and limescale, which can happen within a rim. This makes them much easier to clean as you can see exactly what you’re doing; simply wipe in one smooth motion, with no need for any brushes.

Rimless toilets have a direct flush mechanism, meaning they shoot water from around the edge of the pan instead of water flowing all the way round a rim and into the bowl. This cleans your toilet much more effectively and uses less water, so it’s powerful as well as eco-friendly! We offer rimless toilets of all types, from wall-hung to close-coupled. So no matter what toilet you choose, there is a rimless option available.

High-Tech Luxury

If you want a high-spec, tech-savvy toilet with luxury features, then the Grohe Sensia Arena Shower Toilet is perfect for you.

This advanced, Japanese-style toilet combines the functions of a toilet and bidet. It has two separate self-cleaning spray heads that you can adjust for position, pressure, and temperature, with oscillating and massage spray options and a warm air dryer.

Other features include automatic seat and lid opening, a powerful flush that cleans and covers the whole bowl, a HyperClean glaze that prevents 99.9% of germs from forming, a remote-control panel and phone app control. It is even lit by a soft light at night!


Toilet Colours

We offer toilets in a range of colours, from classic white to more statement colours. Here is a breakdown of all available colours at Bathshack:


Most toilets are white for a very good reason. White represents cleanliness, and it makes it easy to see dirt which helps you keep your toilet clean. They are also more cost-effective than coloured toilets and are the perfect addition to a traditional bathroom.


If you want to make a dramatic statement, go for a black toilet! Not only will black make a strong impression, but it also creates a clean aesthetic and soothing mood. Our Olympia Milady Range offers a back-to-wall and wall-hung toilet in black. These look best when paired with other back accents, such as the matching bidet or a Black Countertop Basin. Your bathroom will never look more sophisticated!


Like black, a grey toilet is unique and not seen in many bathrooms. It can help to give a bathroom a more bespoke and high-end look than a traditional white toilet. Our Olympia Milady Grey Wall Hung Toilet will make an elegant statement in a modern or contemporary bathroom. For a cohesive look, we highly recommend pairing it with other grey ceramics from the Olympia range such as the matching Wall Hung Bidet or a Grey Countertop Basin.


Have you chosen your perfect toilet? Shop online for delivery all over the UK & Ireland or visit your nearest showroom. Our fantastic team will be happy to help you with your purchase! For showroom locations and opening hours, click here.

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