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Modern VS Traditional Bathroom Design

When it comes to choosing a bathroom design that suits you and your home things can get pretty confusing. A bathroom is an integral part of a home and it is not simply viewed as a room that needs to be functional but also a place that needs its own personality. Some people love the minimalistic feeling that a modern bathroom provides, whilst others prefer the homey feeling of a traditional bathroom.    

With that said, which bathroom style suits you?  

When we think of modern bathrooms we tend to envision gadgets but in reality, the key to a modern bathroom is simplicity. To achieve this, it is imperative that the room has an understated, designer feel to it. If you want a look that will look good for years to come, a modern bathroom is a great choice.  

What should a modern colour scheme consist of? 

Often without realising it, colour is one of the first things we will take notice of in any room. For modern bathrooms you can’t go wrong with a neutral colour palette containing shades such as beige, white, and brown. These colours don’t demand attention and work to enhance the look of the bathroom collectively. But don’t be afraid to inject a pop of colour into your décor just ensure that it harmonises with your fixtures. If you feel that a coat of paint just isn’t enough, we recommend getting a little creative with wall tiles and flooring. Incorporating a feature wall into your design can bring depth and impact to a bathroom.  

What fixtures are best for a modern bathroom? 

A popular bathroom desire is the idea of creating a spa experience in your own home.  Contemporary fixtures such as power showers and shower towers emulate the feeling of rainfall for a truly relaxing experience. Steam showers and hydro massage showers are innovative designs that homeowners can use to relax and rejuvenate themselves.  

Modern bathroom designs favour open spaces. Shower baths are considered a modern bathroom must have for those who have a smaller bathroom as they combine two popular fixtures into one convenient unit. Freestanding bathroom fixtures can be fitted into an open style very well. Wall hung toilets are perfect when paired with wall hung basins coupled with freestanding mixer taps. When selecting fixtures such as taps, look out for chrome finishes.  

Freestanding storage units can continue added to the openness of the space. Add a pop of colour or a sleek wooden finish to finalise a contemporary look. Remember, the fixtures should work well with the tiling and colour scheme you’ve selected in order to create an effortless vibe.  

To summarise, what you want to bear in mind when designing a modern space is to keep things simple and think of a space that will look up to date even after years of use. If you are looking to find everything required to create a stunning modern bathroom then take a look at our modern bathroom suites 

Traditional bathroom designs are often considered charming and a way to add a real sense of character to your home. Traditional bathroom designs are seen as luxurious and often offer a balance between the appeal of vintage looks and modern functionality.  

What should a traditional colour scheme consist of? 

Choosing a colour scheme that matches a traditional bathroom may seem difficult at first. However, the good news is that there are many colours that can be incorporated into this type of bathroom design.  Traditional designs lean towards a more monochromatic colour palette. Black and white looks great in a traditional bathroom. Other colours that look great when paired with more timeless pieces are the more neutral colours.  

What fixtures will I need for a traditional bathroom? 

Freestanding bathtubs  

Freestanding baths can look great in both modern and traditional bathrooms. However, in traditional bathrooms slipper baths, roll top baths, and claw foot bath act an excellent centrepiece and provide a vintage look. They leave you with a bathroom you not only want to relax in but also a bathroom you want to show off.  

Period accessories  

Choosing the right accessories to compliment your other bathroom fixtures is crucial. Traditional decor often includes intricately detailed accessories with ceramic inlays commonly featured on crosshead and lever handle taps. For an authentic vintage appearance, a console basin combined with a high - level toilet and a freestanding bathtub will leave you with a distinctive design that any guests would envy.  


As the cold weather begins, most of us will simply want to wrap up in warm towels after we shower or bathe. Traditional style radiators not only help to keep your bathroom snug but they also play a quintessential role in your traditional bathroom design. Traditional towels rails, white column radiators, and a combination of both frame and an integrated column radiator exude traditional charm. At Bathshack, we have a range of stunning of bathroom heating with excellent heating output.  

A traditional bathroom will make you feel like you’ve entered a different era and have a welcoming atmosphere.  

If you’re searching for everything you will need for a traditional look then save time by viewing our traditional bathroom suite bundles.  

What style should you choose? 

Choosing between a traditional bathroom and a contemporary bathroom depends on personal preference. However, to make things simpler we recommend think of the following as you make your decision: 

  • What does the rest of your home look like? 
  • What look can you picture loving several years from now?  

If you still struggle to choose, consider blending the two styles together. Whatever you decide on, Bathshack will have everything you will need to create your dream bathroom.