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Inspirational Ideas for Your Ensuite Bathroom

Inspirational Ideas for Your Ensuite Bathroom - Blog

While your ensuite bathroom or shower room may be small, it does not mean you won’t have space to be creative. As your ensuite is your own private space, you can allow your imagination to run wild, designing a room exactly how you want it. If you make the most out of the small space you have, there is no reason why an ensuite can’t have nearly everything a larger bathroom has. For ideas and inspiration, check out our tips on making the most of your ensuite.

Make the most of the space you have.

Being economical with your floor space is key when planning your ensuite bathroom or shower room. This ensures that you can incorporate all you need including your bathroom suite, vanity unit, storage and heating, without cluttering the room or compromising on style.

- Wall hung toilets are a versatile choice for an ensuite bathroom. Lifting your toilet up off the ground provides extra space and extends your floor outwards, making the room look bigger and leaving more space around your toilet for accessories such as a bin, toilet brush or storage baskets. Shop our range of wall hung toilets here.

- A corner shower enclosure is ideal for a small ensuite or shower room. They are a great space saver, fitting perfectly into almost any size bathroom. Opt for a square shower enclosure for optimum space saving. We stock a variety of corner enclosures in a variety of designs and styles, so you will easily find one to suit your design scheme. A wet room is also a good way to make the most of your ensuite as it creates the illusion of more space.

- Another simple yet effective idea is choosing a vanity unit that doubles up as a wash basin. That way, you will have a stylish storage solution for all your toiletries and bathroom accessories without having to fit extra furniture. We stock a range of chic vanity units with wash basins. Many of these are cloakroom units with compact designs, or wall mounted to leave extra floor space. Browse our wide selection here to find the perfect one to suit your design scheme.

- Want toasty warm towels while keeping your ensuite at a comfortable temperature? Consider fitting a towel radiator to also act as your main ensuite radiator. Heated towel radiators usually take up less space than normal radiators, as they can be put up higher on the wall. They are often more stylish that normal radiators too - they could even be used as a feature piece for your ensuite or shower room.


Choose the right design and colour scheme

Colour is key

The right colour scheme will work wonders in your ensuite. Light shades will make a small bathroom look bigger. For a classic minimalist look, you can’t go wrong with white (consider white marble) or cream. Or, warm neutrals such as these will provide continuity and flow, creating the illusion of space and a warm, calming effect.

Do you prefer bolder colours? Using a bright colour inspired by nature can enhance a small space while having a positive effect on our mood. For example, blue evokes the tranquil vibes of the ocean and sky to help calm the mind, perfect for relaxing after a long day. Alternatively, venture into your own jungle paradise with a lush green. A rapidly growing bathroom trend, green breathes life into traditional and modern bathrooms by bringing a sense of the outdoors inside. What’s more, green goes with almost every color. Combine with a contrasting shade or bathroom fittings in any colour.

Thoughts on tiles

The type of tiles you choose can make a huge impact on your ensuite. Larger tiles that are square or rectangle shaped will expand a compact space. Opt for glossy tiles as they reflect light, giving a sense of greater proportions. Another great option is to create a feature wall, which will add depth to your ensuite. This could be a bold colour, or wood or stone effect paneling if you want a convenient alternative to tiles. Metro tiles also work really well as a feature tile, providing a contemporary finish to your bathroom walls. Make sure to contrast your feature tile with a simpler one.

Brighten it up with the right lighting

No matter your bathroom’s size, it should always feel bright and open. It is important to choose a lighting arrangement that fully illuminates the whole room and gives the illusion of more space. The wrong lighting combination can overpower a room, making it feel smaller and more cluttered. For an ensuite, we recommend an LED mirror or mirrored cabinet, a flush light and an optional shower light.

LED mirrors & LED mirrored cabinets

LED mirrors are a practical solution for small spaces like an ensuite bathroom. They create the lighting needed for a vanity, so you don’t have to install extra lights around your mirror. LED mirrored cabinets are also a great option. Combining lighting, a mirror and storage, they are perfect for removing clutter and conserving wall and counter space in a small ensuite.

Flush Lights

Avoid installing large or ornate ceiling lights in your ensuite, as this can make small places feel cluttered. Instead, opt for a flush ceiling light. Flush mount lights usually have a minimalist design which will blend effortlessly with any ensuite’s architecture. They cast an even amount of diffused light downward, which will make your space feel open and roomy. The ambient lighting from these ceiling lights will also soften the harsher light of your LED mirror or mirrored cabinet.

Shower light

If you have a shower in your ensuite, it will more than likely be a corner shower. If you need to brighten up that dark corner and make the room look bigger, incorporate a shower light to make that space pop.


Inspired to personalise your ensuite? Take your fabulous ideas to our online store or book a consultation with one of our experts today.