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Ideas for the Ultimate Guest Bathroom


Guest bathrooms are often overshadowed by our main bathroom. With a lack of space and natural light designing for this space can become frustrating. However, there are plenty of ways that you can inject some wow-factor into your guest bathroom. When designing for a guest bathroom you will need to keep in mind that this space is often smaller than a main bathroom. However, that does not mean that this space has to be boring and drab.

To help you get started with your guest bathroom we’re sharing some of our helpful ideas.

Colour scheme

A fresh coat of paint is a simple way to transform a bathroom. For smaller bathrooms bright and light colours can help the area to feel more open and welcoming.  White is most reflective of light whether it be natural or artificial. Guest bathrooms are also a great place to experiment with colours that you may feel apprehensive to use in your main bathroom. Accent walls can be used to inject colour and make a small space appear larger when used with neutral tones. A bright color works best as an accent wall with white or lighter versions of that color used on the surrounding walls.

Think about your tiles

If you’re working with a small space, smaller tiles can look make a space look busy. On the other hand, large tiles showcase a fluid appearance that can make a space feel larger than what it actually is.

Bathroom fixtures

As guest bathrooms are typically small it is important that the space is kept clean and tidy so that it feels as spacious as possible. Look for space saving fixtures such as a wall hung or back to wall toilet, wall hung basin, or a cloakroom suite. Bathroom furniture can come specially designed for smaller bathroom suites too.


These days, you can choose from an array of toilet designs. From contemporary wall hung toilets which give the illusion of more space to back to wall toilets which hide pipe work for a clean look. The clever design of these toilet units ensures that the least amount of space in your guest bathroom is used so you don’t need to restrict your design prospects.

If you’re looking for something a little different, we suggest the Grohe Senia Arena Shower Toilet.  This unit is inspired by a Japanese style toilet which combines the functions of a toilet and bidet. Give your guests a luxurious experience, this system is equipped with two separate self-cleaning spray heads that are customisable with massage spray options and a warm dryer function. Additional features include an automatic seat and lid opening, and a powerful flush that cleans the entire bowl. The Grohe Sensia shower toilet certainly sets a new standard in terms of innovation and functionality.

Another luxurious option would be the ER Smart Shower Toilet Seat. This can be installed onto your existing toilet and boasts a range of benefits that your guests would adore. The ER Smart Shower Toilet Seat provides cleansing that can be altered to suit each user's preference. The nozzle position and warm air dryer can be adjusted with ease. The unit also offers an automatic cleansing function and deodorisation function making it easy to maintain.

Basins and vanity units

Basins are also available in many sizes and designs. Again, wall hung designs help to create the illusion of more space due to the floor space being visible beneath the basin. Corner and semi-pedestal basins are ideal for tight spaces as they are designed with smaller dimensions than standard basins.

Your guests will not only need space get ready but also storage should they stay overnight. Vanity units are available in either slim line floor standing versions or contemporary wall hung versions to maximise space. They can also be used to create a design statement. Take a peek at our painted collection which borrows from vintage design trends whilst delivering modern functionality.

Bathroom Furniture Sets

Furniture sets are common in main bathroom spaces where people wish to create more room for a bath or shower. But they are also perfect for smaller guest bathrooms as they feature everything you need in one unit providing a seamless look. These sets usually combine an integrated toilet, basin and vanity unit all in one which can be fitted onto one wall.


If you’re lucky, you may have a bit more space to work with in your guest bathroom. This can open up a whole new avenue of design possibilities for your space.  An indulgent bath can boost anyone's mood and helps to alleviate stress. If your guests are staying over, they will appreciate the option of having a nice long soak at the end of a day out. We recommend the Vicktor Benson Vichy Freestanding bath and the Vicktor Benson Taha Double Ended Bath which both offer a deep bathing area and a design that will stand out in a contemporary suite.

Wet rooms

Wet rooms are stylish and have continuously grown in popularity.  They’re especially great for small spaces as they have an open plan look. They are also easier to clean to so you won’t feel overwhelmed when it comes to cleaning both your main and guest bathroom. For a cohesive look, match your shower with your wet room panel. We love the combination of the Kiimat Noir Wet Room Panel and the Eliseo Ricci Black Shower Tower.

Make your guest bathroom comfortable

Use a glass enclosure to separate your bath or shower from the rest of your bathroom. Frosted patterns can provide privacy that any guest would be thankful for.

Mirrors are as important for your guest as they are for you. No one likes using a bathroom that isn’t functional. Mirrors are an essential that enable us to start and end our day without any hiccups. Avoid poor lighting with the Eliseo Ricci Jasmine LED Mirror packed with useful features such as a shaving socket and de-mister.  Another good option for a guest bathroom would be the Bowmount LED Magnifier Mirror. This mirror includes a digital LED clock, a well-lit magnifying section and bright, energy efficient LED lights controlled by a touchless sensor.

Something to keep in mind

Remember, a well-designed guest bathroom can be an excellent selling point should you choose to move. Even if you are not planning on selling, a guest bathroom is a great asset that you’ll get plenty of use out of. It can become a space that you and your guests love and a space that you feel happy showing off. Let’s be honest, how many times have we shown our guests a bathroom and worry as we can’t recall what state we left our main bathroom in?

There are so many things you can do with your guest bathroom and we hope to have brought some to your attention in today’s post. From hidden storage solutions to new bathroom technology there will be something to suit your bathroom preferences. For more bathroom design inspiration, be sure to take a look at our Pinterest boards.