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How to use a Bluetooth mirror

Mirrors are a key feature of most bathrooms and there are many styles to choose from, including features such as energy-efficient LED lighting and Bluetooth connectivity. Indeed, with Bluetooth mirrors an increasingly popular option for many people, this blog will look at how to operate one - including some example of Bluetooth mirrors from our range.

Whether you're interested in acquiring a Bluetooth mirror for your home, want some inspiration for a new mirror or aren't familiar with what they do, read to the end of the blog to find out all you need to know.

Bluetooth mirrors like the Stream Bluetooth LED Mirror above allow you to listen to your favourite music.

What are Bluetooth mirrors?

Bluetooth mirrors are basically those which allow you to connect wirelessly with your phone so you can listen to your favourite music or podcast while you're in the bathroom. With built-in speakers, this means you have all the tech you need contained within your mirror, so you don't have to bring anything else in with you.

Some Bluetooth mirrors also allow you to make and receive calls - a useful function for some, but maybe not for everyone!

All of our Bluetooth mirrors at Bathshack also come with energy-efficient LED lighting, which is another great addition to these products, as they save energy and money while also delivering high-quality lighting at the touch of a sensor. Meanwhile, in-built demisters are another fantastic feature on many of our mirrors, preventing the glass from steaming up while you shower or bathe.

Benefits of Bluetooth mirrors

  • Stream your favourite music or podcasts in the bathroom, hands-free for convenience, with a range of up to 10m connectivity.
  • Protect your phone, as you don't need to bring it into the bathroom and risk getting it wet or damaged.
  • Enjoy exceptional sound from built-in speakers.
  • energy-efficient LED lighting incorporated into the mirror provides the perfect illumination for getting ready, morning or night. This also often includes colour changes so you can enjoy a cool white or warmer lighting for added ambience.
  • Touch-activated sensors for operating the LED lighting, Bluetooth and other features.
  • Built-in demister feature which stops the mirror from steaming up while you wash
  • Many mirrors also include a shaver/electric toothbrush socket.
  • Gives your bathroom a sleek, sophisticated aesthetic and keeps it contemporary.

Mirrors like the Luca Bluetooth LED Mirror with Demister often feature a colour-change lighting option. For example, the photograph here shows the mirror in a warm white setting.

How do you operate a Bluetooth mirror?

Another great thing about Bluetooth mirrors is that they're very easy to use. All you have to do is as follows:

  1. Turn on the mirror's Bluetooth connectivity by pressing/touching the 'On' button/sensor
  2. Connect your phone to the mirror by pairing it up with your device. Make sure you have Bluetooth turned on to do this and then simply select the mirror to connect.

Bluetooth mirrors at bathshack

At Bathshack, we supply a fantastic range of Bluetooth mirrors, with sizes and styles to suit every bathroom. Whether you want a more contemporary, minimalist frameless design or something a bit more classic, we'll have something to suit.

For example, the Clear-look Winchcombe Bluetooth LED Brushed Brass Mirror has an elegant brushed brass frame and incorporated both LED lighting and the Bluetooth connectivity, with high-quality integrated speakers. The lighting also has three tones to choose from, while it's activated via a handy Halo touch sensor on the glass. This portrait-hung mirror further has an in-built demister and will be a practical and stunning addition to any bathroom.

Another stylish Bluetooth mirror from the Bathshack range is the Brushed Brass Bluetooth Frame Mirror with Colour-change, which also features that beautiful brushed brass finish but this time, with smooth curved corners. This gives the mirror a more organic aesthetic and a softer look, while it's also very on-trend.

Once again, this mirror comes with energy-efficient LED lighting for your convenience (with warm and cool-white options), along with the Bluetooth connectivity - and a heated demister pad for preventing the glass from steaming up. The Bluetooth and LED lighting/demister features are operated via two separate touch buttons, so are very easy to use.

The Brushed Brass Bluetooth Frame Mirror with Colour-change has smooth, rounded corners and two different LED lighting choices.

There are two touch buttons for operating the Bluetooth function (L) and the LED lighting and demister features (R).

You can also enjoy the Bluetooth feature with a mirrored cabinet like the Mia LED Bluetooth Double-door Cabinet, which has soft-close doors along with a touch sensor for activating the technology. It further incorporates a shaver socket and demister pad for added convenience, with double glass shelves inside for storing toiletries and other items.

No matter what style you prefer, if you're looking for a Bluetooth mirror and want to bring the benefits of technology into your bathroom, then we have a great range to choose from at Bathshack. We're also happy to answer any queries that you might have and to show you how everything works, if you visit us in-store.

The Mia LED Bluetooth Double-Door Cabinet features Bluetooth connectivity.

View our Bluetooth mirror range online at or call into your nearest showroom to see what we have. Alternatively, if you have any questions, just email our team at or you can call us on (028) 9077 0188 or use our online chat.