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How to save water in your bathroom

With showering, bathing and toilet-flushing all dependent on water, it’s no surprise that bathrooms are responsible for high water usage within the home. We can all therefore do our bit to reduce how much water we use, which will ultimately benefit the environment and put less strain on public resources, as well as saving you money on water bills.

So, if you’d like to be more water-conscious and reduce how much you use in your household, read to the end of the blog to discover our top tips for more eco-friendly bathroom habits.

Bathrooms use up a lot of water in the house, between the shower, bath, toilet and sink.

Ways to reduce water wastage

Whether you’re a shower or a bath person, there are a number of ways in which you can be more economical about the water you use in your bathroom.

Go for eco-friendly showerheads: Installing a shower kit which uses less water is a no-brainer, if you use the shower a lot and want to save water. Suitable for high-pressure water systems (although not compatible with electric showers), water-saving showerheads can therefore be swapped in to replace your existing one. They work by reducing the water flow while still delivering an enjoyable showering experience, so it’s a win-win situation.

Electric showers are also more efficient when it comes to saving water, as they heat it instantly, so you only use what’s needed. The Triton Amore Electric Shower has a sleek contemporary design with a stylish black finish, five-spray pattern and that all-important temperature control, so is a good choice if you want to go down the electric shower route.

Consider steam showers: Providing a luxurious experience, steam showers use a lot less water than regular showers because the water is converted into steam. So, a 30-minute steam shower could actually use less water (approximately seven to eight litres) than a regular 10-minute shower (approximately 100-150 litres).

Take shorter showers: The average shower takes about 8-10 minutes but if you can reduce the amount of time you spend in it, then this will have a significant impact on your water usage. With approximately 12 litres of water used by the average shower every minute, any time you can shave off your routine will save water. You could try timing yourself against two of your favourite songs or set an alarm, so you don’t stay in for too long …

Spending less time in the shower and using eco-friendly ones like the Triton Amore Electric Shower pictured above will help to reduce water usage.

Half-fill your bath: An easy way to reduce your water consumption in the bathroom is to simply fill your bathtub with less water. Rather than having a full tub, just half-fill it – and make sure to put the plug in at the outset and then adjust the temperature as you go, rather than waiting for the water to heat up first.

Half-filling your bath will help reduce your water usage.

Turn off your taps: A big culprit of water wastage is the running tap, left on while we do things like washing our hands, brushing our teeth or shaving. Simply turning the taps off while you complete these tasks will save a lot of water which isn’t actually being used. So, while you lather up your soapy hands, turn the taps off and then back on again to rinse. When you’re scrubbing your teeth, do the same. It’s a quick and easy way to save water. Also, when shaving, fill the basin with water and use that instead of constantly turning the tap on and off again.

Fix leaks and drips: Leaking faucets are another source of water wastage so always keep an eye out for the obvious dripping tap or the more subtle signs that there may be an issue with your plumbing.

Fit a rimless toilet: Using less water for flushing and delivering more effective cleaning with a direct flush function, rimless toilets shoot the water around the toilet pan in a circular direction, swirling it round the bowl. This provides a more even flush than the traditional toilet, where the water is directed downwards. Meanwhile, the rimless design also means there’s nowhere for bacteria and dirt to lurk, which is also more hygienic all-round.

For example, the Cali Comfort-height Rimless Fully Back-to-wall Toilet and Soft-close Seat has organic curves and a rimless design, which makes it the ideal choice when it comes to saving water in your bathroom. As well as being easy to clean, the flush action is also more efficient, while the overall style of the toilet is sleek and modern, with the back-to-wall design meaning you don’t have to clean in around the back.

The Cali Comfort-height Rimless Fully Back-to-wall Toilet and Soft-close Seat.

Two-in-one Toilet-basin Combos: Opting for a Duo 2-in-1 Toilet and Basin Combo is another way to conserve water. These handy space-saving toilets have a small basin on top of the cistern so, when you wash your hands, the water is recycled so it can be used to flush the toilet.

Install dual-flush toilets: Having a dual-flush option on your toilet means that you can select an option which uses less water for liquid waste, rather than always using the full-flush.

Don’t flush the toilet unnecessarily: Rather than throwing a tissue down the toilet and flushing it away, use the bin instead and save water by only flushing the toilet when it’s used for its intended purpose.

Being economical with flushing will help reduce water wastage in your bathroom.

Take showers instead of baths: While there are ways to reduce water consumption with both, taking a shower will generally use less water than a bath (although this of course varies according to the type of shower kit you have, time spent in the shower and how high you fill your bath …).

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