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How to keep your bathroom cool this summer

From getting ready in the mornings to winding down at night, bathrooms play a key role in our lives. Cultivating this into an inviting, tranquil space is therefore a great way to both calm and energise you, whether you’re preparing for the day ahead or seeking relaxation before bed.

With the mercury rising over the summer months, seeking out cool spaces is something even the most avid sunworshipper will eventually want to do. Having a bathroom where you can feel suitably refreshed during warmer temperatures will subsequently help to lift your mood and aid relaxation.

While bathrooms are often naturally cooler than other rooms in the house due to having fewer soft furnishings, there are various things you can do to ensure that yours is as cool and calming as it can be. By considering the design of your room and the products you put into that space, you can create a bathroom which is inviting no matter the weather and one which will not only feel cool but look cool...

Practically perfect porcelain

Tiling is very effective at keeping room temperatures down during the warmer summer months and porcelain is a great choice for bathrooms, thanks to its naturally cooling properties. This durable material is non-porous, so being more water-resistant makes it the ideal choice for bathrooms. It’s also very versatile, as porcelain tiles can be designed with various effects – such as wood or marble – and can therefore be created bespoke, according to your preference.

The Bellevue Grey Matt Porcelain Tile with natural stone-effect finish will keep floors cool during the summer months.

Our Bellevue Grey Matt Porcelain Tile is a Spanish floor tile with a natural stone-effect finish which will blend in beautifully with a range of bathroom décor. With spa-like vibes, the design is threaded throughout with subtle white veining and an unrefined speckled look, which adds texture and a contemporary feel. Meanwhile, the cooling grey tone of the tile creates a calming ambience, with this colour palette also being known to enhance mood and have a soothing affect. The neutral tones can also be easily paired with a range of other shades, offering flexibility when it comes to designing the rest of the room.

Elegant and with a natural, authentic look inspired by nature, the Bellevue Grey Matt Porcelain Tile will add cool, calming style to your bathroom, both practically and aesthetically.

Sumptuous summer showers

While no one wants a summer rain shower outside, inside is another matter and a rain shower in your bathroom is just the ticket for cooling off in the warmer weather. Even better if it’s a thermostatic model, such as the Eliseo Ricci Noir Curve Plus Thermostatic Rain Shower

Thermostatic rain showers, like the Eliseo Ricci Noir Curve Plus model above, offer more precise temperature control.

The benefit of using a thermostatic shower is that it offers more precise control over water temperature. And, when it’s hot outside, lukewarm is better than a hot or even a cold shower, in terms of regulating your body temperature, so being able to control this is ideal. You can therefore use the thermostatically-controlled bar valve to ensure that you enjoy a summer shower without the risk of scalding or overheating. Meanwhile, the rainfall shower head is specially designed to surround you with water, giving you the luxury of being totally immersed and as a result, elevating the showering experience.

The matt black finish of this shower exudes contemporary style and makes it an elegant addition to any bathroom space, the sleek, clean lines embodying a minimalist look which is nevertheless eye-catching for all the right reasons.

Another shower which will add instant cool to your bathroom is the Triton T90SR Silent-pumped 9kW Electric Shower, a popular choice, thanks to its modern, minimal design and powerful operation. In contrast to the noir look of the Eliseo Ricci model mentioned above, the Triton Electric Shower is available in cool white and its smooth, clean lines will complement any space.

Although a pump shower, the Triton Silent-pumped model stands out due to its quiet pump technology, which ensures that your bathroom will remain a tranquil space during use. The pump also makes it compatible with low-pressure water systems, while electric showers are also great when it comes to being more energy-efficient and saving water.

Stylish standalone baths

Whether you prefer showers, are more of a bath person, or simply enjoy alternating between the two, baths can also transform the look of your space, so choosing a style which suits you is key. In terms of achieving that chic look at any time of the year, the sleek lines of the Viktor Benson Cancun Freestanding Double-ended Bath & White Waste in Acrylic is an inspired choice.

The simple design of this freestanding bath means it will complement a wide range of décor, the thin ledges and smooth white finish being compatible with a wide range of interior styles. With a modern design, it will also keep your bathroom looking cool and classy without the risk of appearing outdated in the coming years. Meanwhile, the luxurious depth of this designer tub ensures an indulgent bathtime experience, along with flexibility in the freestanding nature of the product, which allows you more freedom in choosing its location. The reinforced sanitary-grade acrylic further makes the Viktor Benson Cancun model extremely durable, again, resulting in a piece of furniture that will last you long into the future.

The Viktor Benson Cancun Freestanding Double-ended Bath has smooth, sleek lines and is available in durable white acrylic, making it a stylish and practical choice.

Refreshing bidets

Whether you’re a fan of the bidet or not, there’s no denying they will help you keep cool and fresh throughout the year, although they will perhaps be particularly appreciated during the warmer weather.

The Linea Floorstanding Bidet in ceramic again has a sleek modern design and gloss white finish which will bring instant cooling vibes to your space and will blend in beautifully with your existing décor. With a compact design that won’t take up much space, including a one-tap hole feature, this will ensure that your bathroom doesn’t feel cluttered and will keep it feeling airy.

A bidet can be a great addition to your bathroom.

If you haven’t tried bidets before, then perhaps this summer is the perfect time for something new to refresh your bathroom..?

Mirror, mirror…

A clever way to create the illusion of space in any room is using mirrors and the Ariel LED Mirror is a portrait-style mirror which will enhance your bathroom in more ways than one. With handy touchscreen functionality for added convenience, there’s no need to scramble around seeking out switches in the mornings – or at night – while the energy-efficient LED lighting is itself very flattering and creates a relaxed ambience.

Mirrors, such as the Ariel LED Mirror pictured above, will help make your bathroom seem more spacious.

The minimalist frame beautifully complements the clear glass of the mirror and further gives that much coveted illusion of space, particularly for smaller rooms, with the curved edges of the product also adding a softness to its appearance. The overall effect is minimal, modern and one which will add subtle style and class to your bathroom.

Whatever the weather this summer, your bathroom should ultimately be somewhere you can relax and unwind away from the stresses of daily life. Taking the time to consider the various ways in which you can enhance your own space will ensure that it’s cool and calming all year-round.

If you’d like to chat to our team about creating a cool, calming bathroom, then just get in touch via email at or give us a call on (028) 9077 0188.