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How to get a bathroom on a budget

If you want to renovate your existing bathroom or need a new one for a self-build project and are on a budget, then you might think your dream space is beyond your reach. However, with some clever planning, there are ways to achieve your ideal bathroom without the hefty price tag.

In this blog, we’ll subsequently look at how to get a bathroom on a budget, so read to the end to find out our top tips and get some inspiration for your project.

Planning your bathroom design

Budget and pre-planning: If you want to get a bathroom on a budget, then it stands to reason that the first thing you need to establish is what exactly that is. Once you have a figure in place, it’s important to stick to this, as deviating from your budget or not having a firm limit in place will only result in you spending more than you can afford.

Once you’ve decided your top budget, you can then look at the design and an approximate timeline for your project. If you need help planning your bathroom design, we have a free online 3D Bathroom Planner tool on the Bathshack website, which can assist with this. You can also ask our team for help and advice at any time.

Planning these initial things will ultimately help keep you on track in terms of your budget, as having a clear plan for your design will help you understand the project costs in terms of labour and products required.

Our free online Bathroom Planner tool is great for helping you design your ideal bathroom.

Plumbing and electrics: Unless you’re completing a self-build project and can’t avoid installing plumbing, keeping what’s already there is the most economical thing to do. Labour costs are undoubtedly what will set you back the most with any home project, so if the plumbing is already installed, then it’s best to work around this, rather than shelling out on replumbing work. It’s much easier to simply buy a new toilet, shower or bath and refit these over the existing plumbing than moving pipework around the room.

Paint: A quick and easy way to update your bathroom without paying for new tiles is to simply repaint your room. You can instantly update your space and give your bathroom a fresh new look for minimal investment. Even tiles can be repainted, so this is also an option, if you don’t have any plain walls.

Update instead of replacing items: Rather than replacing everything in your bathroom, you could choose one or two key items and then update the rest (or simply update everything, if it’s within budget). For instance, painting baths and vanity units is a great way to freshen these up without splashing out on new furniture, while switching out smaller items such as taps, handles and mirrors can immediately give your room a makeover without using up too much of your budget.

Our painted furniture range is ideal for this, as you can easily change the colour whenever you feel in need of a refresh, while you can also personalise items from the outset with your preferred shades.

The Josef Martin Foxton Wall-mounted Vanity Unit with Pebble Worktop can easily be repainted at a later date.

The Josef Martin Foxton Wall-mounted Vanity Unit with Pebble Worktop has a blush-pink painted finish which you can easily update further down the line, if you still want to keep the unit but want a refresh. With two deep drawers for storage and a pebble solid surface worktop, this unit is designed for use with a countertop basin – which you can also replace at a later date, as preferred.

Do what you can yourself: As already mentioned, labour costs will take up a large percentage of your overall budget, so taking on as much of this work yourself will save you a lot of money. Obviously, there are some instances where you should always get in the professionals, such as electricians for hooking up electric-operated heated towel rails, for example. Plumbers will also be required when it comes to any replumbing work, or if you need upgrades within this area.

However, if you’re comfortable with tackling some DIY, then taking on jobs like tiling, painting or installing certain bathroom furniture (for example, vanity units and bathroom cabinets) will all help to reduce your overall spend.

Update your lighting: Good lighting can transform a space instantly, so maximising this in your bathroom with high-quality lighting fixtures or with LED mirrors and cabinets is a very cost-effective way to make your bathroom look great.

The Brushed Brass Round Frame Mirror with Colour Change.

Our LED mirrors are very popular with customers, with many stating that they use the built-in light feature more than their main bathroom lighting. So, you can help to maximise space in your bathroom as well as adding practicality and style with an eye-catching mirror.

The Brushed Brass Round Frame Mirror with Colour Change is an attractive circular mirror with that warming brushed brass finish which will add elegance and style to your bathroom. Meanwhile, the choice of both warm and cool-white lighting allows you to enjoy different ambiences at the touch of a button – perfect for getting ready morning or night. The mirror also comes with a demister pad for added convenience, so it won’t steam up while you shower or bathe.

Deep-clean grouting or regrout your tiles: A quick and cost-effective way to give your bathroom a facelift is to simply do a deep-clean. You’d be surprised at how effective this can be and, while you might still want to replace bathroom-ware, cleaning grout or even replacing this will instantly give your tiles – and the rest of the room – a lift.

Create a feature wall with tiles around your vanity unit, bath or shower: Feature walls are a great way to add visual interest and character to your space, while also saving you money on tiling. Indeed, you can invest more in the tiles you really love by tiling a smaller section of the room and create impact at the same time, while painting or wallpapering the rest. Wall panels are another option, as these tend to be more cost-effective than tiles.

Large-format tiles, meanwhile, also offer an inspired way to get the look you want for less, as you need fewer of these due to their larger size, so you won’t need to buy as many.

The Atlantida Blue Polished Rectified Tile is a large-format marble-effect tile in a deep blue tone, with gold and white mixed throughout. This eye-catching design, combined with the large size and polished finish, make it ideal for creating a stunning feature wall in your bathroom. Meanwhile, the rectified edges of the tiles mean that, when laid, they will give a more seamless and cohesive look, thereby creating even more impact.

The Atlantida Blue Polished Rectified Tile has a vibrant marble-effect design.

Add accessories: Another good way to update your bathroom on a budget is to get some new accessories, such as taps, lighting, mirrors, cabinets or other fittings. For example, you can create a chic new look by swapping out tired-looking chrome fittings with modern matt black ones. You can also add instant elegance and a luxury look by incorporating brushed brass finishes, with mirrors, taps, toilet flushes and more for a gleaming look your bathroom will love.

Replace showerheads rather than the full shower kit: If you want to upgrade your shower without going the whole haul, then you can swap out the showerhead for an instant upgrade.

For a truly immersive, spa-like experience, the rainfall showerhead design is ideal and will elevate your shower straight away.

For example, the Stainless-steel Round Fixed Shower Head can be wall or ceiling-mounted and will deliver that luxurious rainfall effect while you shower. With a sleek, elegant design, this is great for modern bathrooms and will certainly refresh your space.

Swap out your existing showerhead for something more modern like the Stainless-steel Round Fixed Showerhead.

Choose a shower-bath combo: If you want both a shower and bath but need to compromise because of budget and/or space, then opting for a shower-bath combo is a great way to get both for less. By installing a fitted bath which incorporates a shower at one end, you can enjoy the benefits of both without having to fit and pay for a full shower enclosure.

Whether you choose an L or P-shape shower-bath, there are various ways to get the look you want. You can even fit a freestanding style, such as the Balmoral Freestanding Right-hand Shower-bath with Black Claw and Ball Feet if you prefer this look.

With stylish claw feet, roll-top edges and a classic white gloss finish, this shower-bath can be paired with the screen of your choice, with an elegant black framed design (as pictured) or a clear glass screen.

The Balmoral Freestanding Right-hand Shower-bath with Black Claw and Ball Feet.

Combine storage with a WC unit: A final way to get your bathroom in ship-shape on a budget is to consider a WC unit, for combined practicality and a more cost-effective price. For example, the Empire Floorstanding Vanity Unit, Basin and WC Run Left-hand combines a basin with cupboard storage and a concealed area for the toilet cistern (toilet sold separately). This space-saving design is ideal for smaller bathrooms and great if you’re on a budget.

The Empire Floorstanding Vanity Unit, Basin and WC.

No matter what you’re planning, when it comes to getting a bathroom on a budget there are lots of ways to do achieve your dream look for less. At Bathshack, we supply a wide range of quality bathroom products and tiles to suit all budgets and tastes. So, whatever you’re looking for, we can help.

Our friendly team is always on hand to assist you, should you need it, with recommendations for products which work well together, as well as any other advice.

When it comes to achieving your bathroom dream, we have everything you need – and all for fantastic prices.

For all your bathroom needs, visit our website at Alternatively, if you have any questions, just email our team at, call us on (028) 9077 0188 or use our online chat.