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How to Fit a Shower Tray

Showers are one of the most popular bathroom installations. When you’re creating a shower, you will need to look into installing the right shower tray. A shower tray is the element of your shower that will catch water and prevent flooding. It is relatively easy to complete the install yourself without the assistance of a plumber. Although, you can’t complete this without any help.  And this is where we come in; in today’s article, we will be showing you how to install a shower tray.


You will need:

  •     Pencil 
  •     Dust sheet 
  •     Drill 
  •     Large jug/kettle 
  •     Silicone sealant 
  •     Sealant gun 

We highly recommend checking over the measurements the area you wish to install the shower tray in. This is to ensure that you have selected the right shower tray. One of the most important things to consider when fitting a shower tray is to ensure that there is easy access to a water waste pipe underneath the tray. If you’re looking to change the position of your shower in your bathroom, then your waste will need to be aligned with the changes too. You will likely be installing your shower tray onto your bathroom’s base flooring, enabling you to draw the shower tray outlines in pencil and carefully check all measurements. During installation, it is advised that you place a dust sheet over the shower tray so that no dirt can touch its surface. 


1 | In most homes, shower trays will be fitted to wooden flooring which provides access beneath. If there is no access then a riser kit is required. A riser kit features adjustable legs to lift a shower tray off the floor. It will come with panels that surround the legs which provide the impression of a tray resting on the floor. With room, you will be able to fit the waste kit beneath so that you will drill into any piping in the process. 

2 | Position the tray where you will be installing it. Take a pencil and faintly draw around it. Mark the area where the waste will be installed. 

3 | Continue by working out the best possible position for your waste pipe if this isn’t already in place. Attach the waste to your tray then connect this to the trap. 

4 | Make sure your shower tray is level and attach the underside of the waste to the waste outlet pipe. It is imperative that this is secure so that everything fits together well. There should be no gaps or loose pipework. A way to tell that everything is fine is using a kettle of cold water and pouring it into the waste. It should be apparent is wrong. 

5 | To tie everything together you will need to find a high-quality silicone sealant and carefully seal around the edges of the tray. Make sure that there is no space between the tray itself and the wall and floor surrounding it. This will keep all of your hard work together for years to come. Additionally, if your shower tray is sealed incorrectly, it can lead to leakages and mould growth. If your tray is not sealed correctly, not only is it unsafe but it will be unfit for use. 

Our recommendations

Elements Offset Quadrant Slim Line Shower Tray (Right Hand) 

The Elements Offset Quadrant Shower Tray is durable, lightweight tray enables safe installation and handling due to the acrylic material it is made from. This shower tray comes with a high flow 90mm waste for fast flow away through a vented dome that is easy to clean and maintain with its quick release inner unit. 

1000 x 800MM Poalgi Slate Wetroom Tray

With a variety of sizes, colours, and a beautiful sandstone texture these tiles will look stunning in any bathroom. These shower trays feature patented technology and are engineered with the aim of being the very best on the market. These shower trays are made from the perfect balance of resins and mineral charges. 

Each shower tray has a non-porous, anti-bacterial, UV treated gel-coating finish which is warm to the touch. This anti-bacterial coating prevents the growth of bacteria, yeasts, moulds and fungi to make for an odour and stain-proof surface. These shower trays are family friendly and have an independently rated A-class slip resistance for safety and comfort. Additionally, water damage will not be a problem in the long term, easily surpassing the UNE-EN 14527 requirements to receive an official CE mark.

Eliseo Ricci 800mm Quadrant Slate Textured Anti-Slip Shower Tray (Anthracite)

This beautiful shower tray demonstrates superb value-for-money without compromising on safety, quality, or style. This shower tray matches quadrant enclosures which are known for saving space and providing a modern feeling. This shower tray has a sleek, integrated and can be installed on or level with the floor.

Eliseo Ricci Rectangle Slate Textured Anti-Slip Shower Tray (White)

Highly contemporary and available in a variety of shapes and sizes, we think those that love contemporary designs will love these trays. With a slate effect finish and a textured base to reduce slips and falls this stylish shower tray is a must for the modern bathroom.

We hope that today’s article will help you install your shower tray. If you are unsure about installing anything in your bathroom be sure to get a second opinion from an expert. At Bathshack, we stock a wide range of shower trays that are not only high-quality but are also affordable. View our shower tray collection if you are on the look for something that will suit your bathroom. We hope that today’s article has inspired you to dabble in some DIY and helps you install your very own shower tray. For more bathroom-related content, visit our blog or head over to our Pinterest page.