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How to create the perfect couple's bathroom

Moving in with your partner can be a very exciting. But, when it comes to designing a bathroom, your ideas may not align. It isn’t uncommon for you and your partner to want different things out of the bathroom. Read on to uncover our tips for designing the perfect couple’s bathroom.

Colour scheme

The colour scheme of your bathroom can leave a large impact on your bathroom's overall atmosphere. If both you and your partner have similar colour preferences you can count yourself lucky. A problem only arises when one loves vibrant colours whilst the other prefers a more toned-down look. Sharing a bathroom will mean you may need to make some compromises. If you’re struggling to reach an agreement, select a primarily neutral colour palette. As you can always add more colour with accessories.

Vanity units

If you are working with a larger space then you may wish to install separate washstands or place counter top basins on a large vanity. These options are ideal for his and hers bathrooms as couples can have plenty of space to use the mirror without falling over each other's feet.

Double basins are very common in kitchens; however, they are also a great option for couple bathrooms. A double basin vanity unit will give you your own personal basin and house all of your bathroom essentials without occupying too much space.  We offer custom-made vanity units brought to you by Josef Martin. All of these units are bespoke and can be tailored to fit the needs of you and your bathroom. Perhaps the best part about being able to choose your custom bathroom cabinets and vanities is that you and your partner will get to be part of the creative process. You will be able to choose a style and finish that represents a union of ideas.

Bathshack recommends

Heritage New Victoria 3 Tap Hole Double Console Basin

Perfect for traditional bathrooms, this basin is made from the highest quality material boasting a solid ceramic construction suitable for busy households. This console basin will add a sense of period romance and luxury to any bathroom.


When you are selecting a mirror ensure you select a larger mirror so that you both can use it at the same time. This will stop you one of you having to rush around after waiting for the other to complete their bathroom routine.


When you start sharing a bathroom you will soon notice the importance of storage. No one wants to be searching through countless products just to find their own. Therefore, it is important to plan your storage facilities as you plan your bathroom design. As mentioned previously, a vanity unit is a great way to store away all of your bathroom essentials in a neat manner.

Bathshack recommends

Heritage Caversham Freestanding Tall Boy Unit

The Caversham unit offers plenty of storage space whilst showcasing a slimline design. This unit has been hand crafted using high quality materials and is available in a variety of colour options. This unit is equipped with soft close doors and comes with modern chrome handles.

Accessories and fixtures

To complete a bathroom designed for two, you will need to find the right bathroom accessories that will allow you bathroom to be enjoyed by you and your spouse. We recommend looking for matching accessory packs like the Cassellie Bathroom Accessories set. Accessories not only serve as practical additions to a bathroom but they can also elevate your bathroom design.

Bathshack recommends

Forum URSA chandelier

Chandeliers often make a room more impactful and also larger. A bathroom is no exception to this. This chandelier is simple in design but leaves a big impression. Chandeliers are known to provide a romantic feeling in any room. Complete your bathroom with this elegant statement.

Showers, baths and shower baths

Your shower and bathing space are the most important aspects of a bathroom. When you are creating a couple bathroom you may find that one person is a bath person and the other is a shower person. Don’t worry; we have a solution.  A shower bath will enable you to have the best of both worlds without sacrificing what you or your partner want in the bathroom.

If your bathroom allows it, you can also install a wet room with two showering spaces. With one point of entry but two separate shower heads, you can both get ready for the day or night without getting in each other’s way. Alternatively, a double ended bath is worth considering for a couple bathroom. If sinking into a long luxurious bath after a long, tiring day sounds appealing then you can’t go wrong with a double ended bath. They are often larger than regular-sized baths so that they can fit two people in them.

Bathshack recommends

Heritage Hylton Copper Effect Double Ended Slipper Bath

This double ended bath will become a centerpiece in any modern bathroom. With a copper effect, this bath is far from a conventional offering a unique appeal. As this bath is double ended there is plenty of room for people to lay at either end comfortably.

Eliseo Ricci Round Concealed Thermostatic Rain Shower

This rain shower will fit into any modern bathroom perfectly. A rain shower emulates natural waterfall for a relaxing experience. Depending on what kinds of massaging affects you want, you can have the shower heads to emit moderate rainfall or hard rain streams. The Eliseo Ricci round rain shower is ceiling mounted meaning that it doesn't have to constantly be readjusted. This is great if you and your partner have a big height difference.

Here at Bathshack, we stock everything you need to create the perfect couple bathroom. For more bathroom inspiration, be sure to check out our Pinterest account. For more bathroom related guides and information, be sure to return to our blog.