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How to Choose the Perfect Taps for your Basin  

How to Choose the Perfect Taps for your Basin   - Blog

Although one of the smaller items that make up bathroom ware, basin taps hold large potential in their ability to not just tie a look together, but completely elevate it to new levels of style. Small in stature but large in impact, it’s vital to choose the right basin tap that will work to upgrade your space.  

If you’re confused about the practicalities –what are the types of basin types, what one will fit my basin, or just unsure on what style to go for, don’t dismay. This handy buying guide will see you on your way to choosing the perfect finishing touches for your bathroom. 

What type of basin taps are on offer? 

Before getting into the fun part of styles and colours, it’s important to decide what type of tap will fit your basin so you can get specific and begin to break down your choices. The type of tap that will suit your basin will depend on if you have one or two tap holes, so the following will outline your options. 


Pillar Taps 

If you have two tap holes, you’ll need to opt for pillar taps. These include two taps: one for hot water and one for cold and come in a range of different styles. Typically featured in the traditional bathroom, we stock a range of pillar taps for your sink, marked with a beautiful vintage flair. Pillar taps aren’t limited to a more traditional style, however, we also provide many products that take a more modern take on this typically traditional product.  


Basin Mixer Taps  

If you’re working with one tap hole in your basin, go for a basin mixer tap. A mixer tap combines your hot and cold water flow and streamlines it out from the one sprout. This type of tap allows for precise control over the water temperature, which is adjusted by either a lever or twin handles.  


Wall Mounted Basin Tap 

For counter-top basins, a wall mounted tap may be the best option. These taps are fitted to the wall adjacent to your fixtures and typically feature a single sprout design, with either one or two levers. Operating under beautifully sleek aesthetics, we stock a large amount of wall-mounted taps in a variety of styles. Combine a clean, contemporary look and a tinge of traditional styling to result in this timeless Crosshead Wall Mounted Basin. Or go bolder with the sleek, matt black finish of this Eliseo Ricci Wall Mounted Basin Mixer, or go for the timeless look of Chrome Brassware –there’s something for all tastes and budgets! 


What are the different types of spouts? 

Choosing the right type of spout is also a major point of consideration when choosing the right basin taps for your bathroom. If your basin is on the smaller size, opt for a shorter spout, like this simple and sleek Senso Mono Basin Mixer. If you’re working with more space, why not go for a tall basin mixer to overlook your sink with a bit of drama and heaps of style. We advise that you speak to a member of our staff if you are unsure whether a tap will fit your basin –they will be happy to assist! 

If you’re looking to add a little bit of extra luxury to your bathroom, why not go for a free fall basin mixer? The gentle flow of water is beautifully relaxing as it cascades into the basin, yet stylish enough to make a large impact in your overall space. This Eliseo Ricci Free Fall Basin Mixer in a polished chrome finish would be an elegant addition to any space and will easily become a statement piece within your bathroom.  


What style of basin tap should I opt for? 

As already mentioned, a basin tap provides the finishing touches that can completely elevate your space and as such, it’s important to coordinate your taps with the overall style of your bathroom. The style of basin tap can generally be sorted into two categories: 

Traditional Basin Taps 

A vintage-inspired bathroom with a bit more traditional flair has seen a great resurgence in recent years. Choosing the perfect traditional basin taps can really elevate your space with a cohesively stylish look. At Bathshack, we stock a range of basin taps that have borrowed inspiration from times past.  

These Ultra Bloomsbury Basin Pillar Taps feature a timeless design and beautiful white handles will provide the final touch of elegance to your space. If you’re working with one basin hole, this Eliseo Ricci Kingsbury Basin Mixer will also provide that beautiful Victorian finish to your vintage-inspired bathroom. 

Modern Basin Taps 

For the contemporary bathroom, we have an extensive range of modern basin taps. A cool contemporary sleekness, bright chrome finish and a combination of sharp and gently curved lines are some of the features that will see our modern taps completing your contemporary bathroom.  


What colour should I go for? 

Another aspect to consider when choosing the style of your tap is colour. A polished chrome finish is a popular choice; sleek, timeless and with great brightening effects, it’s a popular choice across all bathroom styles for a reason. If you want to add a bit of extra drama to your space, why not opt for a black tap, like this beautiful Eliseo Ricci Roda Mono Basin Mixer. An increasingly popular choice within the interior design world, black taps create an effortlessly chic look and provide a beautiful contrast against lighter colours in your bathroom. Or why not add a touch of luxury with a gold basin tap, like this stunning Moods Bathrooms to Love Gold Tap. We also stock a range of beautiful rose gold taps that will easily see your bathroom completed with a simple yet impactful touch of complete elegance.  

Whatever you’re working with in terms of basin compatibility, budget, style and taste, we will have the tap that is sure to completely elevate your bathroom waiting for you here at Bathshack.