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How Much Will a New Bathroom Cost in 2020?

When its time for a new bathroom, one of the first things that somebody may firstly consider would be the overall costs of the total process. While the overall costs might be difficult to establish overall, we hope to be able to give you an idea of how much a good quality bathroom will cost in 2020. We’ll also talk about the available options for your new bathroom!

How Much Does the Average Bathroom Renovation Cost in 2020?

Bathroom renovations vary a lot in cost, but in order to help with your budgeting, we can provide an estimated cost for your bathroom.

Factors that can vary the cost of a bathroom renovation can include:

  • The size of the bathroom
  • Your chosen materials
  • Your chosen fittings
  • Material costs
  • Labour costs

How Much Does it Cost to Install A Brand New Bathroom?

The cost of installation is likely to be the highest costing factor within your budget- in particular, if a bathroom needs to be removed prior to a new one being installed.
Simply replacing a singular item in a bathroom such as a sink, will likely cost around £130 to install. Separate from the cost of the product itself.

Larger jobs such as plastering, painting or tiling that require contractors will cost higher than that of a smaller, single job. These services could cost £1000+ each, which would mean that an entire installation, including removal of a previous bathroom, could cost between £3,0000-£6,000. When considering renovating your bathroom, consider whether it is time for a full restructuring, or whether you would like to keep some features of your original bathroom.

How Much Should a Small Bathroom Remodel Cost in 2020?

Smaller bathrooms are typically cheaper to renovate due to their size since they, therefore, need fewer products to complete the renovation task. For the budget-conscious, being smart with your spending and opting for bathroom suites is a sure way to keep the costs of a completely new bathroom down- as they offer huge discounts when purchasing items as part of an entire set. This also means that you have a matching set.

The costs of bathroom suites start at £179 for a toilet and sink set and range up to £949 for a suite, including a bath. Smaller bathrooms can cost upwards of £600 including fitting a completely new bathroom- this will increase depending on the other products used- for example, extra fixtures and fittings that may or may not be included in the deal.

There are many factors that contribute to the overall costs of a small bathroom remodel- shop smart and save.

The Best Products for a 2020 Bathroom Renovation

If you’re not choosing to opt for a bathroom suite deal, as you’d like something a little extra special, let’s look at some of the best products in our range to suit your needs.

For a lower-priced basin, this Porto Modern Basin & Pedestal costs £36, or if you’re looking for something more luxurious, this Phoenix Emma 56 Basin costs £156.

We love this Mira Event XSThermostatic Power shower for £385, along with this B6 800mm bifold shower door, in at £139.

If baths are more your thing, we have this gorgeous Traditional English Balmoral Single Ended Slipper Bath which is a favourite for us in 2020.

Added Extras

Having spoken about our favourite products for a 2020 bathroom makeover, let’s look at the other aspects of bathroom renovation.

    • Our flooring options start at £8.34 for 2.4 m
    • Laminate flooring is often significantly cheaper than tiles- as they are easier to install and cheaper to produce.
    • If choosing a floor tile over laminate, make sure to use matte finish tiles as ceramic can become slippery when wet.
    • Wall tiles are a good option for creating a clean look for a new bathroom- and can also match colour palate of the tiles on floor.
    • Fixtures and finishing- we stock a range of products to give your bathroom renovation the finish it deserves after a potentially large investment- such as heated towel rails, spotlights and cabinets which give your bathroom that extra special touch.


It can be hard to establish exactly how much a bathroom renovation will cost. There are many factors involved in the choice of product and the exact service you are looking for from your renovation. We stock a large range of products to suit all budgets. We hope that this guide has played a part in making your bathroom renovation choices a much less daunting prospect.