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How Do I Transform My Bathroom on a Budget?

How Do I Transform My Bathroom on a Budget?

The bathroom is among the traffic-central places in your home, so upgrading it makes a lot of sense. However, bathroom remodelling is among the most expensive projects, and considering you're on a budget; a total remodel is out of the question.

Still, this doesn't mean your bathroom has to remain in the same state. With a small budget, you can take these steps to transform what was once a dull bathroom into a livelier space.

Apply Fresh Paint

This might sound like old news to you, but there's no problem a suitable coat of paint can't solve, including a worn-out bathroom. If the walls have a dull colour, you can transform the place by painting a brighter colour.

Furthermore, the bathroom isn't relatively large like other rooms so you can do the paint job yourself. Just make sure you choose mold-resistant paint since the bathroom is always humid and poor paint could favour mould growth.

Lastly, painting shouldn't be limited to walls alone. If there are tiles and furniture, fresh paint can also help transform these pieces.

Improve Lighting

Perhaps your bathroom is old and uncomfortable because of the lighting you have. Studies show that installing new lights could improve the appearance of the bathroom and the atmosphere inside.

Changing the lights shouldn’t be difficult. You can either opt for a different lighting style or go for dimmed LED lights. Either way, you'll start to feel like you have a new bathroom.

Tip: Strategically place mirrors inside your bathroom so they can reflect as much light as possible and give the place a new look.


Accessorizing doesn't mean going all out to buy the latest or most expensive items. Simple touches, especially in the bathroom, could significantly change the overall appearance.

Some of the accessories you may want to replace or upgrade include worn-out mats and towels. Other essentials you can have in the upgrade are a unique shower curtain, mounted toilet dispenser, and some greenery.

Remember, accessories should complement the overall colour and style of the bathroom and not contrast.

Update Taps and Showers

Nobody ever considers taps in a bathroom as essential until they replace them and see how it transforms the place. Discoloured, rusty, and dull fixtures ruin the bathroom's appearance as much as poor accessories do.

So, consider replacing the taps and go for the best you can afford since cheap ones usually last for a short period. In addition, think about the type of showerhead in the bathroom and consider upgrading it to a more modern style.

Add Shelves

How items are arranged inside your bathroom plays a crucial role in how the final layout will turn out. Enclosed bathrooms with cabinets tend to make a bathroom seem more diminutive in size. They also make manoeuvring around slightly harder.

Adopting a more open layout helps transform the look of your bathroom, and it feels more spacious. But don't just leave a plain open layout. Instead, install stylish shelves where you can be placing essential items.

Shelves also discourage you from storing clutter since they're visible and so your bathroom will almost always be clean.

Consider Repairs

Sometimes all a bathroom needs are some quick fixing for the look and atmosphere to change. If the fittings and furniture have worn out over time, the most appropriate solution would be to repair them.

Not all pieces are repairable, though, so you'll need to investigate those worth replacing and fork out items that are beyond repair. Good examples of repairable items are cracks on tiles or ceramic coverings that you can fix using a resurfacing kit or contract a professional to do it.

Maintain the Same Layout

Did you know that you can transform your bathroom by simply renovating rather than doing a full remodel? That's right! Remodelling and renovating are two different things since a total remodel means changing the bathroom's footprint, including the foundation, plumbing lines, and even electrical wiring.

It is much cheaper and less labour-intensive to do simple renovations, more so if you'll be living inside the house during the transformation. Remodelling also requires state permission, so you may have to get a building permit.

So, focus on changing the small things that make a significant impact. These include transforming the fixtures on walls, lighting, flooring, and accessories.

Transforming your Bathroom

The bathroom is an essential piece of the home puzzle. While most people concentrate on the kitchen and living room, the bathroom is the easiest and cheapest area to renovate. As you can see, it doesn't require much, just some simple adjustments, and you're good to go.


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