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Get Your Bathroom Summer Ready with These Top 5 Tips  

Get Your Bathroom Summer Ready with These Top 5 Tips   - Blog

Long days of brightness, hay fever and a few glimpses of sunshine here and there, it can only mean one thing: summer is in full swing. The perfect time to brighten up your space, summer is all about bright colours and fresh ideas, so why not bring the sunshine indoors with a bathroom makeover. Things are a little different this summer, and with getting that trip abroad falling further and further from our grasp, we all deserve to have a bit of sunshine and bright summer freshness in our homes. Here are our Top Tips for injecting a summer vibrancy into your space to hopefully make the lack of hot beaches a tad bit easier.  


The Transformative Power of Beautifully Bright Tiles 

A fresh set of tiles is perhaps the quickest way to upgrade your space to an entirely new level of bright and lively freshness. A whole new backdrop to your bathroom will instantly add dimension and all other colours in your space will pop with a new vibrant intensity. We stock a range of beautifully bright tiles that are sure to revamp your space to a summer-ready level of brightness and fun. Venture into the vibrancy of bright colours, with these Olden Pink Glazed Porcelain Floor Tiles. The shade of pink is soft and striking all at once, and works beautifully with the white and black pattern for a look that balances both fun and elegance. If you’re after a more refined look, these Hex Carrara Mosaic Tiles in white glass will add the glamour of a designer look, whilst the shining white gloss finish will add a brilliant new source of brightness to your space –perfect for rooms that are lacking in natural light that are after a lively, summer-ready brightness. For a unique blend of beautifully soft and shining colours, these Livorno Square Pattern Glass tiles feature a dispersing of different shades for a vibrant look that will easily inject new life into any space. As striking as each of these tiles are, they still maintain a softness that will allow your bathroom to act as the place of relaxation that every home needs –particularly during a time when the level of uncertainty means we could all use some extra moments of relaxation. 


Add the Freshness of New Flooring to Your Space 

Another tip for a quicker summer-ready revamp is kitting out your space with new flooring. At Bath Shack, we stock a range of vinyl and laminate flooring that promises to inject a beautiful freshness into your bathroom, and their straight-forward installation will make for a quick make-over but with dramatic effects. This Pergo Premium Click Vinyl Flooring contains all the delicate veining to match the finesse of real marble flooring to create a beautifully bright and elegant look. For the depth of a darker look, this Click Sicilia Tile Effect in brown vinyl will provide a stunning contrast against the lighter shades in your space, allowing your whole colour scheme to pop with a new vibrancy. If you fancy expanding this bright summer freshness into other rooms of your home, we stock an extensive range of stylish and particularly durable flooring that will be sure to have your home shining with a fresh, beautiful brightness.  


Help Get Yourself Summer Ready with a New Bathroom Mirror  

It’s one thing to upgrade your bathroom with a new lease of life, but you should be able to get summer ready with ease too. We’re not talking about the need for your own transformative makeovers of any sort, but being able to get ready for summer evenings of drinking wine and attending BBQs with ease. A LED Mirror, like this beautiful Stream LED Mirror will make your life a whole lot easier when it comes to beautifying and grooming in the bathroom mirror –never undergo the struggle of getting ready in a poorly lit space again. Beyond the ease that LED Mirrors will add to your beautifying routines, they add a brilliant new source of light for brightening up your entire space, making them perfect for rooms that are missing a bit of vibrant light. We stock a fantastic range of high-quality, beautifully stylish bathroom mirrors that will a stunning touch of on-trend style to your space, as well as brightening up your bathroom by bouncing sunlight across your walls.  


Do Away With Dimly Lit Spaces: Invest in New Lighting. 

When it comes to brightening up a space, commenting on the home’s prime source of light may seem like an obvious point, but many of us have gotten so used to our dimly lit rooms that we’re unaware of how transformative new lighting can be. We stock an extensive range of bathroom lighting, all serving the purpose of providing a new source of brilliant, but featuring a range of different styles and designs so you can find the perfect lighting to suit your taste. This Forum Inlight 4 Light Spotlight Bar features a beautifully simple design, and excellent light output across four separate lights, which are sure to cast a dazzling brightness across your entire space.  


Declutter Your Space & Store Away That Pile of Summer Toiletries  

Sun-creams, new make-up, hay-fever tablets: the warmer seasons normally bring in a new round of toiletries to help get summer-prepared. If your bathroom is brimming with toiletries and prone to clutter, it might be time to invest in bathroom storage to tidy away your teeming make-up collection to allow for a bright and airy space. This beautiful Moods Bathroom to Love Storage Unit in Sea Ash Green will keep your space clutter-free, and the soft green finish is sure to add charm to your bathroom. For a beautifully cohesive look, why not pair it with the matching mirror –the matching sea green finish is perfect for allowing a touch of cheery sunshine into your bathroom year-round. 

Our heads may cloudy with uncertainty at the moment, but that doesn’t mean our bathrooms need to be overcast with gloom. To make staying at home a bit easier this summer, inject a summer-ready brightness into your space, and enjoy it year-round until jetting off is finally given the go-ahead.