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Family Friendly Bathroom

Assessing and catering to the needs of numerous people as well as considering the size and layout of a bathroom can turn designing a family bathroom into a challenge. Especially during the holiday season when you’re likely to have family staying over. So, how exactly do you go about creating a bathroom that is both suitable for children and a place that adults can relax in?

Creating a family bathroom will come with some sacrifices. There may be a stylish bathroom fixture that you love but in terms of practicality, it may not be the best option for a child. Similarly, there may be something that the children may adore but will simply lead to your bathroom turning into an extension of their bedroom. You need to find a balance that will make everyone happy and we hope this guide will help you with that.

How to create a family bathroom

Color scheme

A general rule of thumb when selecting a colour scheme for a shared parent and child bathroom is to keep things simple. You don't need to go overboard and select a themed wallpaper with repetitive illustrations of your child's favourite cartoon character splashed on it. Opt for neutral colors to save you from having to revisit your bathroom design over and over again. By doing this, you can add all the festive touches you like to your bathroom without worrying about anything clashing with your colour scheme. Ensure that any added extras that are implemented for the sake of children are temporary rather than integral to the bathroom design. Once they are removed the bathroom remains should be somewhere that adults will also enjoy spending time in.

Extra storage

Storage is very important, more so when the bathroom is shared. There are numerous storage solutions which enable anyone to store away their bathroom essentials whilst presenting a look that everyone will love. As well as being practical, storage can be used to keep products unsafe for children out of hands reach.  Medications, harsh cleaning products, and other harmful substances will require designated storage. Not to mention, having some extra storage will prove useful if you need a space to hide away some Christmas presents!

We supply bespoke Josef Martin cabinets that will be crafted to suit the needs of your family bathroom too.

Our recommendations

Moods Lucia Tall Boy Unit (Sea Green)

This bathroom cabinet brought to you by Moods is the perfect addition to both a modern or traditional family bathroom. The stunning sea green shade is certain to be loved by family members of all ages. This cabinet has a textured wood grain feel to add an authentic touch and is teamed with brushed chrome handles that brings the whole look together.

Baltimore Chestnut Wall Mounted Storage Cabinet

Convenient storage doesn’t have to come at a high price or occupy too much of your precious space. In fact, the Baltimore unit with its effective wall hung design does not take up an inch of floor space. We also think that the lovely chestnut effect will warm up any bathroom design.

Cubic Basin and WC Vanity Run Including Tap (Anthracite)

The cubic basin and vanity run is designed to save space which will allow you more freedom with the rest of your design. It is equipped with safety features such as soft close doors and toilet seat so you can rest assured that no little fingers will get trapped.

Bathroom fixtures

There will be many questions when you’re designing a bathroom including the biggie - “Should we install a bath or a shower?”. We recommend installing a separate shower and bath to avoid any conflict between family members. However, if there is not space, a shower bath is an excellent compromise that offers the best of both worlds. A shower bath will provide plenty of space to bath a child and has space at the opposite end designed for showering. Shower baths are also available in many shapes and sizes, however, the most popular being P and L shaped models.

Our recommendations

1700MM P Shaped Bath Shower Bath

Shower baths blend all the benefits of shower enclosures and baths into one attractive, space saving unit. This modern shower bath has a versatile look and a high-quality construction to stand the tests of time.

Solarna L Shape 1700MM Shower Bath

This is a high-quality acrylic bath that is both strong and durable suitable for the busiest family households. The Solarna bath falls under the SUPERCAST category. SUPERCAST is a reinforcement process for acrylic which gives you the warmth of an acrylic bath with the strength of a cast-iron bath.

Phoenix Qube Shower Bath with Whirlpool System

This bath is equipped with luxury massaging jets for the ultimate bathing experience. Whilst we think that the kids would be very curious about these jets, we think they are best for adults to enjoy. These baths are tested for a minimum of 12 hours to ensure that you receive the best product possible.

Easy access showers are also worth taking a look at. With a floor-level shower tray, they are perfect for the elderly or someone who has a disability. A floor-level shower tray is a way to reduce trip hazards in a bathroom and they typically offer an anti-slip surface. Additionally, a shower tray can be selected to blend in with tiles to visually increase the size of the room.

In family households, it’s common for the bathroom to be a first come first serve luxury. Prevent queues by installing a double basin such as the Heritage New Victoria Double Console Basin so that more than one person can get ready at once, this will be particularly handy for busy mornings. Alternatively, select a large basin with plenty of space for washing up such as the elegant Olympia Impero Console Basin.

With safety in mind, thermostatic shower heads and taps are perfect for bathrooms with very young children. One of the most dangerous things for children to come into contact with in the bathroom is hot water. All taps and showers in child-friendly bathrooms should have thermostatic features to control water temperature and help prevent harm to the child. installing mixer taps can also prevent scalding; if the cold tap is always turned on first, the risk of scalding is greatly reduced. Both mixer and thermostatic taps are affordable and can be found in traditional and contemporary styles.

Preventing wet floors

A wet floor can be very dangerous for anyone let alone small children and the elderly.  It is a very good idea to invest in a flooring option that is durable and can also be wiped clean with ease. For example, flooring found in the Pergo collection is waterproof and Amtico so you won’t have to worry about stains or slipping. To keep water from being all over your floor, take a look at a corner bath that can offer plenty of space and depth, whilst keeping the splash-zone minimised to one corner of the room.  Shower baths are also a great solution as they are usually supplied with a glass screen that keeps the splash to a minimum.

Keep your bathroom cosy

Even if as a family you are not able to come to some sort of consensus regarding the design of your bathroom, everyone likes a warm bathroom. Especially during the harsh winter months. A towel rail will help to keep everyone warm as well as dry any towels you have been using. When it comes to selecting a towel rail for a family bathroom be sure to consider usage. The more people wanting to use the rail, the larger it will need to be. Use a BTU calculator to help you work things out more exactly.

Our final point is to make sure that your bathroom is safe proofed. We know that children are curious and like to examine things in playful ways. Make sure that all of your bathroom cabinets have safe edges and fixtures such as wall hung basins are mounted to the wall properly. We hope that today’s article has given you some useful tips that will help you towards creating the perfect family bathroom. For more bathroom inspiration, be sure to view our Pinterest profile.