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Christmas Gift Guide for House Rennovations

It’s a tradition to give gifts to those who are moving into a new house. Some people do it for luck, others to add something to the house that - at the beginning - looks bare. It doesn't matter whether the person is in their very first home, or they’re renovating a house to move into. Either way, choosing gifts for self-build? Not always easy!

With a mini Christmas gift guide below, it’s going to be easy to celebrate their house renovation at Christmas with useful (and fun) gifts that make sense for their circumstances.

What Do You Get Someone In A New House?

Well, the easiest answer to this is “whatever you feel appropriate”. Then, you could consider what they may need. You can bring a little of both for a balance, with a gift that they could use. Otherwise, you should ask them beforehand if they need anything and follow through. Some people like to ask for gifts like new lighting sconces for the bathroom. Others prefer a hamper.

Why not do a little of both?

What Are The Best Housewarming Gifts?

When it comes to actual gifts, the world is your oyster. Home renovation gifts are generally those that fit the useful column. You can also use the traditional gifts of bringing around meals and bathroom hampers to help them to fill the house with the things that they need for day to day living. No one is going to turn down cake or a bottle of wine!

The best housewarming gifts are those that are going to impress. So, if you know that they’re going to be painting the walls, maybe invest in vouchers for the paint shop that they buy from. You could even buy the correct paint! If you know that they’re upgrading the bathroom, buy the right lighting fixtures and bathroom faucets to help them out. You could even buy the tools that they need to get the job finished!

Finally, you could get something personalised, like a new front door plaque to introduce people to their new home. The best gift would be your presence, to help them with the renovations or babysitting!

What Do You Get A New Homeowner For Christmas?

There are a range of gifts available for new homeowners at Christmas time, particularly if they are renovating. Sure, you could invest in something fun, like an official custom address stamp for when your homeowner friends have to write correspondence, but this may not be as necessary as other gifts that would be good for home renovation!

Some of the best gifts that you can give for home renovation include:

Books about home renovation that include guides and tips for the average (but wants to be better) DIY-er. Amazon has a huge range of books that are excellent for this and they come with photo guides, too!

Most people who are renovating need iPads or iPods for entertainment, so you could get a docking station for music or an iPad cover to stop the tablet being covered in paint and other substances.

Help them to put their house on the smart train with accessories like the Nest Learning Thermostat or a doorbell camera. These can help them to renovate their home with something fun and not just the essentials!

How Can I Renovate My House Cheaply?

There are plenty of ways that you could renovate your home cheaply, and these include:
Go for efficiency improvements rather than expanding in size. Renovation can require you to open the space but knocking down walls is pricey! Instead, consider the kitchen layout or updating the fixtures and lighting. It can make all the difference to the space!

Changing up the front door can make a world of difference to your house renovation project. Your house can look impressive from a distance, so why not add a fresh lick of paint to the front door and you’ll brighten it up instantly.

Opt for a matte finish in your home with your paint job, and you’ll be able to see how easy and cheaply you can renovate something in the house. Plus, a paint job can really transform the entire home!

It’s about the little things! Go for the smaller changes and you can see how much of a difference that they can make. The more changes you make slowly, the cheaper the job as you’re taking your time to pay for it all.

Home renovation gifting should be fun and it can be when you choose gifts that make sense for the owner and the house!