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Changing Seasons: AW 2018 Bathroom Trends

Autumn is the time of year when we really begin looking forward to spending more time in our bathroom. It is also the time for change which makes Autumn the perfect opportunity to refresh or give your bathroom a total makeover. In today’s article, we've created a summary of the best upcoming AW trends.

Colour Schemes


When we think of grey, we tend to think of just one shade. It is a colour that can easily be labelled as cold and boring. However, if it is used correctly grey can help to balance out your colour scheme. Neutrals that come from the grey scale can work perfectly with your existing bathroom fixtures. Especially if you have installed fixtures that emulate natural materials such as wood or marble. Whether it be a feature wall, tiling, or accessories, incorporating grey into your design can help you to achieve a harmonious look throughout your bathroom.

Rose Gold

Not quite gold or copper, rose gold is a happy medium that is becoming highly popular throughout bathroom design thanks to its striking appearance. It’s been popular for many years in jewellery design and is now a great choice if you want your bathroom design to ooze uniqueness.

Rose gold can be incorporated into a design in various ways. For example, the Heritage Hemsby Limited Edition Rose Gold Floor Standing Bath Shower Mixer and Wall Mounted Bath Filler showcase a warm hue of rose gold which is a refreshing change from cooler tones seen in most bathrooms.

Autumn Hues

As the trees shed their leaves we are greeted by an array of colours including reds, oranges, greens, and browns. The autumnal shades can all be included in your bathroom design to create a cosy look and a colour scheme that matches the view from your window. If you’re working in a small room, you do not have to completely commit to a colour scheme based on these colours. In fact, colored accessories like towels can go a long way too and can be easily changed.


For many years, bright white tiling seemed to be the standard option for most bathrooms. However, there are countless design options when it comes to tiling.

Here are some of our favourites for Autumn:


Geometric tiles showcase a clean, repetitive graphic in just a few colours and can make your bathroom look very modern. A geometric pattern will catch your attention without demanding it.


Vintage tiles often reflect designs seen in a bygone era. As such, vintage tiling is a great way to create a traditional themed bathroom. Inspired by antique designs, they have a unique style that’s full of character.  At Bathshack, we have a collection of tiles that will enable you to inject this character into your own bathroom. We recommend the elegant Maiolica Aqua Deco tile that combines soft hues with a subtle matte finish.

Patterned Tiles

Looks from the 70’s and 80’s are making a comeback. Patterned tiles can help you to create a retro feeling that doesn’t seem dated. When selecting a tile, remember that its shape can be as important to its overall look and feel as the pattern. One tile that looks great in a retro setting is our Boulevard Multicolor tile. This is a square tile that is great for adding to a retro atmosphere and doesn’t seem too busy. There are lots of patterned designs on offer to suit a variety of bathroom designs so you can find a selection of tiles that fit your personality with ease.

Click to discover our range of patterned tiles.

Freestanding Baths

During Autumn, the temperature begins to fall making it the perfect time to invest in a freestanding bath.  Freestanding baths offer a lot of flexibility when it comes to bathroom design. You can place them wherever you would like in your bathroom (provided that there is space) and as freestanding tubs are raised off the floor they can be used to create the illusion of a larger bathroom.

Just think of all of the warm bubble baths you can enjoy throughout autumn, winter, and all year round!


Your bathroom should be a relaxing place which you enjoy entering. No one wants a bathroom that is cold and uninviting!

Here are some heating options that will help to keep your bathroom warm:

Underfloor heating

If you have a tiled floor you will understand our issue with stepping out onto a hard floor that is cold. Rugs and bath mats can help to combat this but the best option is underfloor heating. Tiles and other hard floor coverings can become especially cold as autumn and winter approaches, but by adding heating beneath, you’ll ensure that you won’t catch a chill.

Heated towel rails

A radiator is a good choice if you want to heat up your bathroom. But, if you are hoping to save some space you can’t go wrong with a stylish heated towel rail. When you get out of the bath or shower you want something warm and comfortable to help you dry, and a towel rail can help you with this. You can use them to speed up the drying process of your towels and you can warm your clothes on them.

Browse our collection of heated towel rails here.

Wall Hung Vanity Units

It comes as no surprise that the subject of the latest bathroom furniture trends has been wall hung vanity units.

Wall hung units are a staple in many homes because they provide a stylish storage solution for your bathroom which can help you to free up floor space. There are lots of options available so you will definitely find a wall hung unit that fits in with your style. During autumn, deep, rich tones are perfect for creating an inviting space.

We hope that you have enjoyed our guide to AW trends and have given you some inspiration for your next bathroom project! If you would like to view more bathroom-related tips be sure to view our blog.

If you're searching for more autumn design ideas, be sure to view our Pinterest profile.