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Can I tile over old tiles in my bathroom?

Can I tile over old tiles in my bathroom? - Bathroom Tips

In most cases, it is wise to consider tiling over old tiles, instead of ripping them off. The underside of the tiles might be very old and frail, so lifting them off could mean you need to re-plaster and that costs time and money. We believe that if you pick the right kinds of tiles, then yes, you can tile safely over old tiles and make the new tiles last for many years. The issue is, picking the right tiles. You need to be educated in some basic requirements, some good material choices and what kind of products would fit the bill for this action.


Can I tile over old tiles 


As mentioned, yes you can but you need to do a few things. Firstly, clean the tiles as much as you can. Reinforce the plaster if you need to so the additional weight of the new tile does not drag the tiles down so easily. When you have done this, you can set about applying new plaster and allow it to fix the new tiles in place. You may want to re-tile because the tiles are old and drab, or they may just be chipped and cracked. So here is how you should set about it.


  • Clean the tiles first.
  • Then repair any which need looking to. Cracks, splits and missing plaster need to be fixed.
  • Then even out the tiles by readjusting them if you need to. 
  • Then you need to mark the tiles for when you will be covering them with the new layer of tiles.

Is tiling over tiles a good idea?

It can be. If you desire to have a more robust bathroom, then install waterproof tiles that will prevent any water and or steam from escaping into the walls and or between the tiles. This way you can have a modern bathroom that is watertight and will last longer. If you would like to have a more industrial style of wall, then picking something like brick panel tiles will give a contemporary grey look to your bathroom. In this nordic style, the bathroom will look more sophisticated and yet, give you a lot of protection from water, steam and any other liquid damage such as shampoos and essential oil splatter. 

Should you remove old tiles before retiling?

Some say yes and some say no. But honestly, it's a case by case basis. If the tiles are in such poor condition, then yes you may need to think about tearing them off the wall. However, most of the time this is not the case. So, you can tile over old tiles, just as long as the new fitting is robust. The key issue is, weight management. You don’t want the additional weight of the two layers of tiles, to eventually, fall down off the wall. So proper workmanship and attention to detail is required; along with a good plan. And with robust tiles like these metallic bathroom tiles, your new tiles will give you the style and finish you desire.

Can I tile over old tile adhesive?

Yes you can, but it needs to set along with the new tiles. The additional weight will need time to fully sink into the wall and latch onto the new surface. If you do feel that the grout is out of shape, then you should seek to replace it as this holds the tiles in respect to each other. If the tiles are slanting or not keeping their proper distance from one another, this can lead to sagging and eventually compromise in the structure. You should begin by removing the grout and replacing it. 

The style of choice

Aside from the question of ‘can I tile over old tiles’ we believe that style makes all the difference. There’s no point in re-tiling unless you want to replace the style too. Take a look at this slate panel or this marble bathroom panel instead. Both are panels that allow for a smooth stylish wall to be set rather than individual tiles. 

If you are more focused on the flooring aspect, then tiles aren’t always the right choice. You can have this white oak flooring that is vinyl but looks like the real thing. The high-quality craftsmanship allows for a 20-year warranty and also, for it to be waterproof. Similarly, this vinyl flooring option is excellent for homes that want a really strong earth tone floor. For those that want something lighter, more neutral, then this faux wooden flooring is a good option.

As you can see there are many great options for tiling and flooring. We suggest that you speak with an expert who knows this sort of thing and we’d be happy to take any questions you may have.  

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