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Autumn bathroom trends

As the summer draws to a close and we leave behind warmer, brighter days for the cooler, duskier ones of autumn, our bathrooms become even more of a haven as we seek out cosiness and comfort. With winter around the corner, having a welcoming, soothing space to retreat to is more important than ever – and autumnal bathroom trends for 2023 reflect that.

Indeed, this autumn you can expect a continuation of the ‘bathroom as spa retreat’ vibe, as we seek to transform our bathrooms into sanctuaries where we can escape from the outside world. Whether you want to refresh your bathroom with a few simple alterations or would like to completely redecorate, we’re here with some inspiration for creating a welcoming space based on what’s tending in bathrooms this autumn.

Elevate your lighting

Mirrors are a great way to add an instant update to your bathroom without having to spend a lot, if you don’t want to redo the entire space. With shaped mirrors increasingly popular in 2023, the LED mirror is also proving to be a must-have for more and more homes – and will come in particularly useful during those darker months.

The Fuse Framed LED Mirror in Brushed Brass has an inbuilt demister.

With the trend for warmer, softer spaces which are welcoming and cosy, LED mirrors help to create a calming sanctuary vibe, as well as providing an even amount of light. This means you don’t have to worry about shadows or poor lighting messing up your makeup when you’re getting ready in the mornings, as well as making it easier to see when shaving or doing any other sort of personal grooming.

Meanwhile, if you also opt for a shaped mirror, then you can add quirkiness and character to your bathroom, creating a stylish focal point as well as enjoying the practicalities of your new addition.

If LED mirrors appeal to you, then a product such as the Fuse Framed LED Mirror in Brushed Brass will bring all the benefits of LED lighting along with elegant style in that beautiful brushed brass frame. It also has a heated demister pad for added convenience.

Fluted features for depth and dimension

Fluted features are another ongoing trend for 2023 and include everything from fluted shower screens to vanity units. The unique ridged look of fluted products immediately brings texture to any space, creating interest and adding depth and dimension to the room while removing the flat aesthetic associated with so much traditional bathroom décor.

The Nuie Fluted Wetroom Screen and Support Bar in Black.

As well as making the bathroom more visually appealing, fluted features on shower screens also help to create brightness and an illusion of more space, as the light diffuses more easily across the vertical groves of the glass. This also gives you added privacy while showering, as the undulating glass design distorts the view.

The Nuie Fluted Wetroom Screen and Support Bar in Black (also available in brushed brass and chrome) is a great option for bringing the fluted look to your shower. The elegant lines of the ribbed glass add style and texture to the room while also bringing an Art Deco vibe to the space. It can further be complemented by a half-fluted vanity unit (as pictured above) which continues the fluted theme and brings in another texture, with the contrasting MDF material. The Hudson Reed Fluted Floorstanding Two-door Vanity Unit and Basin in Satin Green MDF, meanwhile, is another example of a fluted vanity unit, this time with a full fluted design on the double doors.

The Hudson Reed Fluted Floorstanding Two-door Vanity Unit and Basin in Satin Green MDF.

Warming autumnal tones for a cosy space

Warm tones continue to be big as we approach the latter half of 2023, with honeyed tones being favoured over the browns from before. Brushed brass and warm metallics are also in, with the overall effect one which is ultimately more comforting – perfect for entering into the chilly days of autumn and beyond.

One way you can embrace the metallic look is with the Ena Bronze Feature Wall Tile with Copper White Body, which has a beautiful bronze finish that will bring stylish elegance to your bathroom. The shimmer of the bronze combined with its rich warming tone creates a welcoming vibe and one of tasteful opulence, without being over the top. It also has a contemporary appeal and will complement a range of colour palettes, adding texture and depth to your bathroom with that 3D-effect design. Conversely, if lighter tones aren’t quite your thing, then darker colour palettes are also in vogue, the idea being the same except this time, it’s the layering of moody shades that are being used to create that cosy feeling.

The Oxide Plain Rectified Porcelain Tile in Grey Porcelain.

If you like the idea of this particular trend, then the Oxide Plain Rectified Porcelain Tile in Grey Porcelain has a sleek satin finish and looks great on both walls and floors. Colour drenching is also proving to be increasingly popular this year, so using these tiles throughout the bathroom is one way of introducing a darker tone to your room, which can then be contrasted by using different materials elsewhere to create that textured look.

Organic forms are also on trend for helping to create a soft, comforting vibe and more relaxing space. Think fewer hard lines, sharp corners and edges, and more natural curves for bathroom furniture, along with archways and curved showers.

The LLerena Terra Stone-effect Tile in Cream Ceramic will bring some of that natural aesthetic into your home, with its calming colour palette and textured finish embodying the organic look. The warming tones of the tiles also add a contemporary vibe.

The natural colours and materials of stone and rocks are known for inducing calmness, so bringing them into your bathroom is ultimately a great idea, if this is the ambience you want to achieve.

The Llerena Terra Stone-effect Tile in Cream Ceramic.

The Onyx Turquoise Polished Rectified Tile in Porcelain.

Marble also continues to be a popular choice for many homeowners, while other types of rock and stone are also increasingly appearing in many homes.

Onyx is one example of this and the Onyx Turquoise Polished Rectified Tile in Porcelain is a stunning tile which will add elegance with its stunning design and polished finish.

These are just a few examples of the trends you can expect to see this autumn and you can combine elements of a few or adopt a singular style which you prefer. Whatever you decide, if you want to create your dream bathroom then we have a wide range of tiles and bathroom-ware at Bathshack which will help you create your very own warm and welcoming sanctuary.

For more autumnal trends inspiration why not visit your local Bathshack showroom? Alternatively, you can email us at or call 02890770188.