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6 Energy Saving Tips

Bathrooms are typically one of the smallest rooms in our homes. Having said that, they are one of the most important rooms too. You may be surprised to find out that it is also the area of your home where a lot of energy is wasted. We tend not to spend a lot of time in our bathrooms but daily use of a bathroom can lead to us draining energy and spending more money on energy bills. This can happen without you even realising it. In today’s article, we have compiled a number of our best energy saving tips that are practical, affordable, and easy to commit to.

Use your extractor fan only when it is needed

The role of a bathroom extractor fan is to remove some of the moisture in the air after you use your bathroom. It also controls odours in the room, extracting impurities in the air. Extractor fans are very important for spaces that are as humid as bathrooms. The reason for this is because without adequate ventilation mould and mildew is likely to develop. Not only can mould and mildew lead to health problems it can also mean that to restore your bathroom a lot of effort will be needed as mould can leave black stains behind. However, while extractor fans are a bathroom essential, it is imperative that you only use them when they are needed. It is very easy to keep them running throughout the day but keep in mind that this is a source of energy consumption.

Switch to energy efficient lighting

In addition to ensuring that you are turning lights off when you are not in your bathroom, you can also save energy by installing either halogen incandescent lights, compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), or LED lights. This type of lighting initially cost more than traditional incandescent bulbs; however, they are worth the expense. LED lights tend to last longer and don’t drain energy. This is because LED lights do not require much power to operate efficiently and can even work wonderfully with low-voltage electrical systems. Energy saving bulbs come in a variety of magnificent designs, take a look at some of our suggestions below.

Our recommendations

LumenAir 5 Glass Spotlight Flush Bathroom Ceiling Light with Extractor Fan

At first glance, this ceiling light simply looks like a beautiful light fixture that showcases a contemporary design. In fact, this light has an integrated extractor fan. The extractor fan is quiet and performs exceptionally well. It has an adjustable timer so the fan will not be on at all times draining energy. This light is ideal for smaller bathrooms where humidity can easily cause mould and mildew to build up. The bulbs used for this light are all included and are energy efficient.

Insignia Starlight LED Board

Lighting can be functional and it can be a tool to help you unwind. This LED board is covered in moon and stars and has multiple colour options for illumination. This light is fully waterproof and a perfect addition to any bathroom. This board can add an atmospheric glow that creates a tranquil setting. Indulge and unwind knowing that this light will not need a lot of energy to operate.

Choose a dual flush toilet system

Dual flush toilets will help save water in your house. Dual flush, like the name implies, offers two flush settings. The two flush options are found in a button or lever form and allows you to flush a low or high amount of water. Low volume flushes are designed for liquids and high-volume flushes for solid waste. Unlike standard toilets designed with only one flushing option, dual flush systems enable you to think about how much water you use and helps you to only use the water you need.

Our recommendations

Geberit Kappa20 Dual Flush Plate (White)

This flush plate is a great choice to finalise a modern bathroom design. But this flush plate offers a lot more than just a sleek design. It offers an excellent way to save water by providing full flush and a half flush options. Simply use the big and small round buttons respectively. This flush plate benefits from sound absorbing actuator rods, distance rods, and fastening material. It is designed for top or front actuation of the flush plate.

Geberit Omega30 Dual Flush Plate (Polished Chrome)

The Omega30 Dual Flush Plate will help your bathroom save water. It has been created with durable plastic that has been given an eye-catching polished chrome finish to adhere to your modern look. The flush plate comes with everything you need for easy installation, including the mounting fame, two distance bolts, the fastening material, and two actuator rods.

Consider investing in new taps

Drip, drip, drip – that is the sound of a tap that has seen better days. If you have leaky taps it is advised that you get them fixed as soon as you can. A leaky tap wastes a lot of water and also mounts up on your gas and water bills. If you can, try to tighten the tap, this could save you from wasting water and having to spend money on new taps. However, if this does not work then you should consider replacing your tap. The majority of modern taps will be equipped with a ceramic disc. One disc is fixed in place whilst the other moves the tap lever. When both taps are aligned the tap stops running water. These discs are a lot more durable than the rubber washers found in traditional taps which would be what your old tap has.

Our recommendations

Eliseo Ricci Lift Mono Basin Mixer

Eliseo Ricci is a well-known, trust bathroom brand that creates outstanding taps. The Lift Mono Basin Mixer is no exception to this. It has a smooth, rigid shape with a simple single lever design in a matt black finish. Black finishes are trending right now elevate any contemporary bathroom décor. These taps feature ceramic disk technology that ensures drip-free performance for years to come.

Nuie Camber Bath Shower Mixer

This shower mixer has a simple, appealing design that is perfect for bathrooms that need a bit of TLC. It has clean, square lines and has a solid brass construction. The tap runs smoothly thanks to ceramic disc technology and has a drip free operation making it a great choice for any bathroom suite.

Invest in a water-saving showers

Most handsets and shower heads use less water than traditional options. They use less water without sacrificing your water pressure. There are shower heads and handsets that can help you limit the amount of water that is used. Eco-friendly options limit the amount of water that is released, minimizing the water used and thus the amount of energy too. Water-saving shower heads are not hard to come by and are relatively inexpensive. By installing a water saving shower head or handset combined with the practice of taking shorter showers, you can save a lot of energy.

Our recommendation


Tech Three Function Eco Water Saving Shower Handset

This shower handset has an option where you can reduce water usage by up to 50%! This shower handset does not provide an unsatisfactory performance though. It works by reducing water volume but not water pressure, which means that an invigorating shower can still be enjoyed.  To use the water saving function, insert the water saving device supplied between the hose and the handset during installation.

Start thinking about your habits

This tip won’t require you to do anything costly. In fact, this tip will save you money without you having to spend anything at all. When you are next in your bathroom, start thinking about how you can change your habits. Many of us spend a little too long in the shower or leave taps running as we do our teeth. If we all stopped doing things like that, imagine how much energy could be saved.

Hopefully, our energy saving tips have inspired you to become more conscious of the energy you are using. Saving energy (and money) isn’t difficult, many of the obstacles you will need to face is getting into good habits. For example, turning lights off, turning taps off, etc. If you would like to see more bathroom-related advice, be sure follow our blog. We post a new article every week.