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Step by Step Guide: How to fit a Toilet Seat

You may not be much of a DIY whizz but there are a few jobs you can do in your bathroom that will save you from calling on a professional. An example of a job you can do on your own is fitting or replacing a toilet seat. This isn’t as hard as you may think but there are a few things you will need to bear in mind before taking this task on. In this article, we will be explaining how to install a toilet seat correctly

Getting started

Nowadays there is a huge variety of toilets available to buy.  From back to wall to wall-hung, the choices are endless. Because of this, there are now even more toilet seats to choose from.  

How to measure a toilet

When you come to selecting a toilet seat, you will need to figure out the shape and size your toilet pan is. Just by taking a look at your pan you should be able to tell what shape you will need. The most common type of toilet seat has an oval, rounded shape. However, they can be found in a number of styles as mentioned above. Square shaped toilet seats are becoming increasingly popular as it is ideal for contemporary bathrooms.

After you have determined what shape your pan needs to be the next step is to take measurements.

  • Measure the point between the two fixing holes of your toilet. 
  • Take a measurement of your toilet's width at its widest point. 
  • Check the depth of your toilet by measuring the distance that your toilet pan protrudes from the wall or cistern. 

Selecting a toilet seat

Now that you know what type of toilet seat you need you can start looking at designs that will match your toilet and bathroom. At Bathshack, we have a large collection of high-quality toilet seats

Our recommendations

Heritage Standard WC Seat with Chrome Finish Hinges (Oak)

The perfect choice for any period bathroom, the Heritage WC Toilet Seat offers a simple design that oozes classical elegance. This toilet seat is easy to clean and durable to withstand everyday use in a busy household. Additionally, it is equipped with chrome hinges that are adjustable to fit all British standard toilets.

Heritage Standard WC Seat with Rose Gold Finish Hinges (White Ash)

The warm, rich rose gold hinges perfectly compliment the white ash finish of this toilet seat. This toilet seat is for someone who would like to experiment with something a bit different in their bathroom suite. We typically see chrome used in bathrooms, but we love the unique and striking look that this toilet seat has to offer. White and rose gold is a colour combination that can be used in traditional and contemporary bathroom suites. This toilet seat has been built to the highest standards as with all products from Heritage. 

Heritage Standard WC Seat with Chrome Finish Hinges (Black)

The black finish applied to this toilet seat creates a trendy, contemporary look. Black bathroom designs are rising in popularity and this is the perfect toilet seat to buy if you’re interested in this colour scheme. This seat has been created using MDF which is reliable and won’t take damage if the seat happens to close unexpectedly. This toilet seat has been designed to fit all British Standard WCs.

Moods Lucia Soft Close Seat (Sea Green)

This toilet seat has been created with both traditional and modern bathrooms in mind. The Moods Lucia toilet seat has a textured woodgrain feel and brushed chrome handles. The colour of this toilet seat is also very unique and striking. 

ER Smart Shower Toilet Seat 

The ER Smart Shower Toilet Seat isn’t your typical seat. It has advanced technology to optimise cleansing and improving hygiene. This toilet seat combines the benefits of a bidet and more. You can tailor its many functions to suit your own preference. For example, the water temperature, nozzle position, and air dryer can all be adjusted. The unit also offers an automatic cleansing function and deodorisation function as well as energy saving features!

Euro Showers Opal Deluxe White Soft Close Seat

This toilet seat is heavyweight and has a soft close function. It can be completely removed from the pan for easy cleaning. The design means that the hygiene level and appearance of this toilet seat are easy to maintain. As the toilet seat has a soft close mechanism it is safe for children to use and won’t slam at any point. 

What do I need to remove/fit a toilet seat?

Depending on the type of seat fixings, the tools you use may differ. 

You will need:

  • Safety gloves 
  • Pliers 
  • A flathead screwdriver 
  • tape measure 

Removal of an existing toilet seat

Hygiene is very important. A toilet is a place that can harbour harmful germs which means that precautions should be taken before replacing a toilet seat. Spray your chosen cleaning agent and then proceed to clean your toilet.  Not only does this protect you from germs as you install a new seat, but it also provides your new seat with a clean surface to be installed on.

Most toilet seats are attached to the toilet with fittings held together by two bolts, which are usually hidden by two plastic caps at the back of the toilet seat. To uncover this area, use your flat head screwdriver to remove these protective caps. 

Once you have taken off the caps you will see the bolts that are holding your old seat in place.  The bolts are usually secured by two wingnuts. Use your pliers to keep the nuts in place and unscrew the bolts with your screwdriver. 

Fitting a new toilet seat

Before you do anything, you should always check the instructions that the toilet seat manufacturer provides. There could be extra steps that you need to follow. Start by placing the new seat over your toilet and line up the fittings to the back of the toilet seat. Make sure the seat is central to the bowl and then tighten the nuts. You use pliers to tighten them up properly. 

I have installed my seat but I have a problem...

My toilet seat slides, wobbles or is unsteady

The most common explanation for this is that something is loose. 

This could mean that the hinge locking screw is loose. All of your problems may be resolved by tightening the screw. If it is not tight then your toilet seat is not actually secured which will cause your seat to slide around.

My toilet seat seems to be too far back

This is because the hinge is too far forward. The hinge needs to be moved back rather than forward. If the hinge cannot be moved back then the toilet seat is incorrect for your toilet. This is why it is imperative that you double check your measurements before purchasing a new toilet seat. 

We hope today’s article has helped you to get an idea of how to fit a toilet seat by yourself. We have plenty of how to guides on our blog and many to come in the future. Be sure to return to our blog for more bathroom-related advice!