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New in Josef Martin Furniture

Summary: Discover the latest from Josef Martin Furniture, offering stunning bespoke products for your bathroom.

Josef Martin Furniture offers a range of bespoke furniture for your bathroom. If you're looking for elegant and timeless bathroom furniture, this brand is a beautiful choice. Josef Martin makes beautiful items including vanity units, with a range of materials, styles and colours to choose from. They have vintage-inspired and timeless designs, as well as more contemporary options for those who want a modern bathroom. Their vanity units include freestanding units and wall-hanging units, and they offer other bathroom furniture products too.

We have an excellent choice of bathroom furniture from Josef Martin to help you make your bathroom beautiful.

Freestanding Vanity Units

Josef Martin Furniture makes lovely freestanding vanity units, which you can place where you like to enhance your bathroom. These are a fantastic style if you're looking for a traditional option for your bathroom, with vanity units that are suitable for using with different types of basin. With different sizes available, you can find a vanity unit that works for your bathroom and your needs.

The styles include units like the Shandon vanity unit, which is a traditional floor-standing vanity unit, offering either doors or drawers. This smaller unit will fit neatly into even bathrooms with limited amounts of space, and offer some handy storage.

The Malone vanity unit has an Astro style mirrored fretwork door design and beautiful Pebble worktop. It can be used with their countertop bowl and has doors fitted with soft-close hinges. This vanity unit is ideal if you want something traditional but timeless that will still look good in years to come.

The Tullah vanity unit has a traditional skirting plinth, two profiled and mirrored doors, and chrome door knobs. It's sure to look good with some vintage-style hardwear if you want to choose taps and other features to match it.

The in-frame Santana door style of the Elan vanity unit offers plenty of storage space. It also has soft-close hettich drawer runners. It's a slightly more contemporary option for a freestanding vanity unit but still has a vintage style to it too.

Wall-hanging Vanity Units

You can also choose wall-hanging style vanity units from the Josef Martin range. These can be a great choice to help a bathroom look bigger and to save space. Having floor space underneath the unit makes it look like there is more free space in the bathroom, even if there isn't really more usable space.

The Vario vanity unit offers plenty of choice, featuring a box frame that comes in two different colours, as well as four options for the drawer front. The metallic front of the unit turns the vanity into a feature for your bathroom and looks great paired with a contemporary basin.

If you want a double sink, the Remo vanity unit offers a beautiful dark wood. Designed to be used with countertop bowls, this unit has plenty of storage space, with four soft-close, in-frame drawers, and two open shelves in the centre. This type of vanity unit is perfect for a his-and-hers style bathroom.

Range of Styles

You can choose from a range of styles with the bespoke range offered by Josef Martin Furniture. The furniture is made to order so that each customer can have unique furniture that they can really appreciate. It's worth waiting for bespoke furniture to be made so that you know you will receive great quality and get exactly the product that you want. Josef Martin Furniture designs and manufactures high-quality furniture that looks amazing in any

bathroom. The choice of styles means you can design a traditional or contemporary bathroom, no matter how much space you have.

Colours and Materials

You can explore a range of different colours and materials when you take a look at the range of Josef Martin products that we have available. With beautiful natural woods such as oak and ash, as well as fittings made of quality materials including chrome, you can feel reassured that you will receive furniture that will look incredible and last for a long time too. Their furniture offers you a choice of colours and textures to explore so that you can choose the bathroom furniture that works for your bathroom. Choose one of their bathroom units as a statement piece in your bathroom to really say something about your style.

Don't miss our new Josef Martin Furniture range if you're looking for ways to make your bathroom more beautiful than ever before.