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Black Bathrooms: 7 ways to create the perfect space


When we think of bathroom design, we do not normally think beyond ‘white’, do we? In terms of overall design Black bathrooms very rarely get a second thought, as the colour black can make a usually already small space feel even smaller. That said though, a black bathroom design has a classy and timeless feel all its own.

Black will never go out fashion, just like the classic little black dress. Using a few choice tweaks and select matching colour options, you are going to be able to create the perfect space - especially with a monochrome style design option because half of the job is already done.

Here are our 7 ways to create the perfect space.

Choosing the perfect bath for new black bathrooms

Whatever style of bath you go for, it is going to represent a large investment and will likely take up a large portion of your budget. It is because of this that you will need to choose carefully, and of course to help ensure that your new black bathroom becomes the perfect place to relax in. Our top pick is the Taha freestanding bath from Viktor Benson. Classic lines, understated and whispering sophistication – it is nothing short of perfect.

Upgrade to a black and white wet room

Many people prefer wet rooms, and they do make for a great twist on the traditional bathroom. Black panels against a lighter background can be extremely stylish. If you have a power shower you should consider panels with strengthened glass, as ours from the Kiimat Noir range. Other stylish options include:


These are also from the Kiimat Noir range and feature strengthened safety glass.

Make sure your shower matches your panels

If you prefer showers to baths, and many of us do, then for black bathrooms an appropriately coloured shower unit is going to be the way to go – otherwise, what is the point? After installing your new black shower panel, it is time to choose the shower.

Simple, elegant and minimalist the Eliseo Ricci Noir Cube Thermostatic Rain Shower is an ideal option – as well as being an excellent choice in showers, it just looks stunning! As another example of form meeting function, the Noir Concealed Twin Rain Shower is perhaps an even better option, depending personal taste of course.

Black bathrooms simply must have the right statement sink

You may not want too much black for your black bathroom design, and if sounds like a contradiction, it really is not. If you install a black shower or bath, then consider a traditional white sink but with black highlights. This style choice stays true to your overall design without the bathroom being too dominated by one colour.

As an example, the Noir Modern Round Basin & Black Washstand is an ideal option – especially if you are going for monochrome.

To complement your perfect space think storage

Every bathroom requires a certain amount of storage, and what’s better than a slimline back-to-wall in ash black to complement your new black bathroom design? Perfect for cistern concealment as well as storing those bathroom essentials, a back to wall unit is perfect for any bathroom but of course the colouring option is perfect for a black themed bathroom design.

The right wall tiles really add to making a perfect space

When it comes to creating the perfect space with your bathroom, the wall tiles are going to be a huge factor – they do make up most of the room after all. There are a lot of options to go for here, especially if you want a monochrome style such as the Antic Circle.

For a totally black look, the Gallery Black Matt wall tile is elegantly stylish and is great for half-and-half style wall tiling. Half-and-half styling is a really good look for black bathrooms, with black tiles on the lower half of the wall and white or other light coloured tiles on the top. Another excellent tile choice for this type of design is the Metro Black Biselado Brillo wall tile.

The perfect accessories for black bathrooms

It is the little things that really make a room design, don’t you think? After all what’s the perfect sink without the perfect taps? In fact, there are several things that you are going to have to give a lot of consideration to.

There are many other accessories for you think about when it comes to designing black bathrooms, but even just three small things are going to make a huge difference.

To conclude

Black bathrooms are extremely stylish and provide the perfect space in which to unwind after a hard day, whether that be in a deep freestanding bathtub or under a perfect rain effect shower. There are many ways to style your new bathroom, have a look through our collections for more styling ideas.