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A Complete Guide to Buying Shower Enclosures

Installing a shower in a bathroom is pretty common these days. They are practical and very stylish. However, to avoid getting water on a bathroom floor, a shower enclosure is highly recommended and has become a popular bathroom installation. This isn't the only reason why shower enclosures are very popular; there are designs suitable for bathrooms of any shape and size too.

With so many options to choose from, selecting a shower enclosure can become quite tricky. In this guide, we will be discussing everything to do with shower enclosures to make the buying process easier.

Bathroom size

Before you start browsing sites for a shower enclosure and winding up confused you need to understand what space you have.

Ask yourself the following questions: where you would like to install your shower enclosure? Are you just replacing the shower and want to keep it where it is? Or are you moving your shower to a different area?  When deciding where to put it, consider the space needed for the door opening as well as ensuring that you are taking your existing fixtures into consideration. Make sure to measure the area correctly.  One incorrect measurement could lead to you spending more time and money trying to rectify the error.

Shower enclosure styles

Once you've got the measurements down you can start to look into the details such as the enclosure shape, door style, etc. There are a number of different shape options when choosing a shower enclosure. The option you choose will depend on the size and layout of the space you have available.

Square shower enclosures

Square shower enclosures take up very little room so they accommodate small and large bathrooms. It is commonly installed in the corner of a bathroom and can have a variety of doors attached to it (we will discuss shower enclosure doors further into this article).

Rectangular shower enclosures

Rectangular shower enclosures generally take up more space than square shaped enclosures. However, if you have room to work with, a rectangular shower enclosure is a very luxurious choice that will provide you with plenty of room to enjoy. Typically, rectangular enclosures are placed in a corner against two walls, or against one wall with two side panels.

Quadrant shower enclosures

Quadrant shower enclosures are an excellent alternative to those listed above. Quadrant shower enclosures curve beautifully in a corner of a bathroom. They are designed to maximise your space are typically paired with sliding shower doors.

Offset quadrant shower enclosures

Offset quadrant shower enclosures are slightly larger than quadrant models. Offset quadrants are also more spacious as they use a larger proportion of one wall, meaning they are great for those that want to make their shower enclosure the centrepiece of the bathroom.

Walk-in showers

A walk-in shower adds a luxurious touch to any bathroom and is an ideal choice for wet rooms. There are several variations for walk-in showers. They usually feature a fixed shower screen for a more open walk-in shower.

Shower cabins

A shower cabin is a complete shower enclosure that also offers backing panels and a tray. Together this creates the “cabin” look. All internal surfaces are sealed so no water will escape from the unit. Take a look at the Insignia Monochrome 900mm Square Shower Cabin as it is the perfect example of a modern shower cabin.

Steam shower enclosures

These enclosures used are frequently linked to spas minus the expense, time, and sometimes hassle. Steam shower enclosures have many benefits including help the user to relax and reduce stress. The Insignia Premium 1100 x 700mm Quadrant Steam Shower Enclosure is an excellent steam shower enclosure that provides you with a host of benefits including Bluetooth connectivity.

Shower enclosure access

You may think that deciding what shower door to choose will be simple but there is a lot to think about. Choosing how you will be accessing your shower will have an impact on the way you use your bathroom. Take a look at all of the options we’ve listed below to find out what type of shower enclosure door you will need.

Hinged Door

Pivot Door

Often confused with the hinged shower door, they can look very similar. The difference is that a pivot shower door does not have the hinges fixed to the wall. It has hinges at the top and bottom of the door. This means that when opened part of the shower door rotates inwards across the tray and part of it out into the bathroom.

Bi-fold door

Bi-fold doors are perfect for smaller bathroom spaces. To enter the shower, the door can be neatly folding meaning that it does not use up any space outside of the shower.  We highly recommend these doors if you have a cloakroom bathroom or a petite en-suite. 

Sliding door

Sliding doors are also a great choice for a smaller bathroom. They allow for easy access to your shower and are flexible to the space in your bathroom. These doors can be neatly packed in between walls and do not occupy space outside your shower enclosure.

Our recommendations

Kiimat Premier 800mm 1 Door Quadrant Shower Door

This shower door has been designed to fit perfectly with a quadrant shower enclosure. This door features smooth, sliding cushioned magnetic seals ensuring quiet and secure closure. It has been made from power shower friendly glass that is very safe making this shower door ideal for use in a family home.

Merlyn Vivid Sublime 1200mm Sliding Shower Door

The Merlyn Sliding Shower Door has been created using toughened safety glass. When closing it offers a smooth gliding action thanks to quick release double rollers. Finished in chrome, this shower enclosure is attractive visually and practically.

Synergy Vodas 6 1400 x 900mm Square Walk-In Enclosure  

This walk-in enclosure has a frameless design adds a feeling of spaciousness that will help you to create a stunning modern bathroom. Each panel is made from 6MM safety glass and a 900MM side panel is included in this set.

B6 800 x 800mm Corner Entry Enclosure

The B6 Corner Entry Sliding Shower Enclosure is created using 6MM safety glass. This enclosure is designed to last whilst being easy to maintain. The enclosure is equipped with sliding doors for a modern touch. The B6 corner entry enclosure comes with a guarantee so you can have peace of mind as you buy.

Kiimat Aqua 760mm x 2000mm 8mm Wetroom Panel

With their unmatched open feel, wet rooms are a must for those looking to create a contemporary haven. These panels come with power shower friendly safety glass as standard and are available in a variety of configurations so that you can create your own unique style statement.>

Choosing a shower tray

Shower enclosures can come with and without a tray. However, shower trays are often preferred as they are designed to reduce water leakage. Ensure that you get the correct depth and type of tray (left-handed or right-handed) to fit with your enclosure.

  • Cast stone shower trays – Made from a mixture of limestone and resin. 
  • Acrylic shower trays – The most affordable material that is flexible and lightweight.  
  • Resin shower trays – Made from a mixture of minerals and resins. A sturdy and durable material that is likely to last longer than acrylic shower trays and is strong enough to withstand wear and tear. 

Not all trays come with a shower waste – the piece of equipment that acts as a drain. Make sure that you have one or invest in one. 

We hope that you’ve enjoyed today’s guide. For more bathroom-related articles, be sure to keep up with our blog. If you’re currently looking for a shower enclosure remember that we have a wide range available. Whether it’s a compact shower cubicle for a small en-suite bathroom or a rectangular enclosure for a larger bathroom, we offer so many options that you’re certain to find something you love.