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5 modern bathroom ideas for 2021

5 modern bathroom ideas for 2021 - Inspirational

Many of us are more than ready to leave 2020 behind us and to turn a fresh page as we enter 2021. One area that many people are looking to focus on in the new year? Home improvements. The pandemic has seen many of us spending more time than ever inside our homes and has given us plenty of time to reflect on areas we’d like to renovate, spruce up or generally improve. If you’re turning your attention to your bathroom, you may feel at a loss as to where to start. If you’re struggling for ideas, it’s good to look to anticipated modern bathroom ideas that are set to lead the way in 2021 for a little inspiration!

What are the bathroom trends for 2021?

So, what’s on the cards for bathrooms in 2021? Here are some of the most anticipated trends that are expected to take the bathroom world by storm!


  • Matte Black


When it comes to choosing a colour palette for bathrooms, many people opt for the same old tones and shades - white, blues, greens or greys. But a dark horse is expected to reign supreme in 2021 - matte black. Sure, this may seem a little bold and, well, dark. But styled in the right way, it can work really well. Whether you opt for a matte black feature wall or matte black cabinets, tiles, fixtures, basins, faucet or toilet seat, this could be a standout piece of interior design. Of course, you don’t want to go all out with this colour, or you could end up with a bathroom that looks like a cave. But you can pair a few of the listed elements with lighter matte features like matte grey tiles to create a great contrast.


  • Open Showers


Traditionally, showers take one of two forms in a bathroom - a shower integrated within the bath or a standalone shower with glass walls and door. But 2021 could see the rise of open shower units. These have a spa-like feel and are extremely modern. Now, you needn’t worry about water spilling out across the entire bathroom. You don’t have to turn this into a wet room. Instead, clever drainage systems can be used to make sure water is confined to a designated showering space.


  • Plenty of Plants


People tend to place houseplants all over their home - in the kitchen, in the lounge, in the bedroom - but it’s less common to see many plants in the bathroom. This is set to change. Plants can add a touch of greenery and nature to an otherwise man made space, especially when set against a background of white ceramic tiles. So, why not give them a try? There are plenty of species that thrive in steamy and humid environments, including orchids, peace lilies, boston ferns, snake plants and aloe vera. Just make sure that there is sufficient natural light in the bathroom for them to thrive.


  • Vintage Fixtures and Accessories


Going forward into the future may mean going back into the past. 2021 is set to see a rise in vintage fixtures and accessories in bathrooms. Whether that’s vintage style taps and mixers, visible shower pipes or vintage accessories like wire towel bins and brass soap dishes. Browse vintage interior design magazines and mood boards for inspiration if this is a style that takes your fancy. Remember, for vintage design, you don’t need to settle for vintage functionality and features. You could pair vintage taps with a whirlpool bath to get the best of both worlds!

  1. Bluetooth Accessories

We all like to sing in the shower. So, it’s not all too surprising that bluetooth accessories that can safely play music in this wet and damp space are going to come into fashion. Whether that’s in-shower speakers or bluetooth connectable mirrors. Expect a year of great sound quality while you’re getting ready each day!

How can I modernise my small bathroom?

Now, if you have a large bathroom, you may be taking the above inspiration and running with it. But if you have a smaller bathroom, you may feel reluctant and as though you don’t have enough space to work with. This is never true. There’s always sufficient room in a bathroom to modernise it and make it a centerpiece to be proud of in your home. Great features don’t have to take up a lot of space. In fact, they can save space. Take a look at this floating storage cabinet as an example. To modernise your small bathroom, all you need to do is look up design inspiration like that outlined above and modify it to work on a smaller scale!

How do you style a modern bathroom?

Styling a modern bathroom is simple. You can go big with major renovations and new fittings like a freestanding double ended bath, sure. But sometimes, the smaller features are just as important. Do your research, get a feel for what you like, focus on every element of the bathroom and with enough TLC, everything will begin to work together to look great.

As you can see, there are some pretty exciting trends in the pipeline for 2021 bathrooms. Get started with your planning now to get ahead of the curve!

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