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Arc Freestanding Bath Deal (20128) White Acrylic

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This Product Includes

Viktor Benson Arc Flat Top Freestanding Bath with Modern Chrome Feet (19897)

Ari Rimless Close Coupled Open Back Toilet & Soft Close Seat (20524)

Ari 550mm 1 Tap Hole Basin & Semi Pedestal (20532)

Eliseo Ricci Curve Bath Shower Mixer (19773)

Eliseo Ricci Curve Mono Basin Mixer (19774)

Eliseo Ricci Press Top Slotted Basin Waste (19784)

Eliseo Ricci Push Button Bath Waste and Overflow (9486)

Add-Ons (5)

Product Information

Arc Freestanding Bath Deal

Let us do some of the work in putting together your new bathroom

The bookend that starts and ends most of our days, it’s estimated that we spend about 1.5 years of our life in the bathroom. A place for escapism whilst also a place where families also come together for bath-time and night time routines, we may be somewhat biased but we think bathrooms are the most important room in your house. So why not let the experts help put together the bathroom that your home deserves.

Why go for the Arc Freestanding Bath Deal?

Do you dream of a bathroom that will welcome you with a spa-like tranquillity every time you open the door, but dread the thought of choosing the perfect fixtures to create this effect? We have you covered. This bundle ensures complete convenience so that you can get to enjoying your dream bathroom sooner rather than later, but will still create a level of refined style and sophisticated that is far from the standard rush job. What’s more, this bundle deal promises five-star luxury at an extremely affordable price, what’s not to love?

Make a statement and bathe in luxury all at once.

It’s one of life’s most simple pleasures –closing the door after a long day, immersing yourself in a hot bath and feeling the worries that occurred outside the bathroom walls gradually melt away. That’s why this bundle deal starts with the shower stopper: the Arc Flat Top Freestanding Bath from the Bath Shack exclusive that is the stunning Viktor Benson range. In allowing for a level of relaxation that was once only attainable through a trip to the spa, this tub will easily become your new favourite form escapism. This bath will provide a haven to retreat to after ‘one of those days’, but is also sure to become a family favourite for whenever you don’t mind sharing it. It’s double ended design means that there’s plenty of room for bath time fun to keep the kids entertained. This also means that your head can rest comfortably at either side (or invite someone else in, if that’s an option). With a majestic stand-alone presence, stunning glossy white finish, chrome feet and slopping curves, this bath will easily become the centrepiece of your bathroom so that it can enhance your life even when you’re not soaking in suds inside it.

Viktor Benson Arc Flat Top Freestanding Bath with Modern Chrome Feet

An extremely popular design of bath thanks to the level of luxury and style that it delivers, this freestanding bath will take centre stage like nothing else. From the stunning Viktor Benson range, this bath boasts a shining white acrylic finish that will provide a brightness to your bathroom. Sleek lines and angular flat top edges, this bath provides an air of simplistic elegance that will complete elevate your bathroom with a stunning traditional look. It comes with modern chrome bath feet, which work to tinge this traditional look which a modern touch, making this bath perfect for a range of bathroom styles.

Eliseo Ricci Push Button Bath Waste and Overflow

The Push Button Waste and Overflow provides a more practical, stylish and modern alternative to the old fashioned plug and chain. The chrome finish will create the sleek and cohesive look that is perfect for creating a contemporary bathroom style. What’s more, it is spring loaded, meaning by the simple press of a button you can lock your bath for filling, then press to release and drain.

Ari Rimless Close Coupled Open Back Toilet & Soft Close Seat

Highly practical thanks to its close coupled design, this toilet features a beautifully minimalist design that creates a sleekness and a versatility that would make it a perfect fit for a range of bathroom styles. Finished with a polished gloss white for a touch of brightness, it features a robust ceramic construction that will see it maintaining its lustre for years to come. It also comes with a push button flush and soft closed toilet seat to eliminate unwanted banging during those late night trips.

Ari 550mm 1 Tap Hole Basin & Semi Pedestal 

Matched with the Ari toilet for a sleek, cohesive look, the Ari Basin & Semi Pedestal features a sleek modern design, glossy white finish and a high quality, solid ceramic construction. Its compactness also makes it perfect for bathrooms on the smaller side or if you’re after a neat and tidy look, as the semi pedestal hides any messy looking pipework.

Eliseo Ricci Press Top Slotted Basin Waste

To complete the look of your basin, this Top Slotted Basin Waste doesn’t compromise on style or quality. Although an often-neglected aspect of bathroom ware, it’s essential part of any bathroom installation. This chrome brass basin mixer will tie together the overall look of your sink. Its polished chrome finish will add to the sleekness of your bathroom’s design and is essential if you want that cohesive, put-together look.

Eliseo Ricci Curve Bath Shower Mixer

When completing the look of the freestanding bath, we didn’t want to falter in style or practicality. This Bath Shower Mixer will elevate your bath to an overall look of sleekness with the brightly polished chrome finish of this mixer. Its rounded body seamlessly blends with the smooth spout and lever handle to create a look that is versatile in its softness

A highly functional product too, the single lever design adds to the overall simple sleekness of the product, but also enables precise control over water temperature, –just adjust the quarter turn mechanism to your desired temperature. This product also includes a handset –an extremely useful tool that can be removed from its holder and then moved about, making it perfect for washing your hair or cleaning down the bath after use

Eliseo Ricci Curve Mono Basin Mixer  

To further tie together and elevate the look, this Mono Basin Mixer also from the Eliseo Ricci Range will beautifully complement the entire space. It boasts a sleek design that is stunning in its simplicity but large in its overall impact. Manufactured with high quality brassware and thick chrome-plating, this product will be maintaining its lustre for years to come. Like the Shower Mixer, it features a simple single-lever design so that you get complete control over your water temperature.

More Information
Colour White
Brand Bathshack
Suite Type Bath Suites
Bath Height 610mm
Bath Length 1690mm
Bath Width 790mm
Bath Type Double Ended
Basin Depth 390mm
Basin Height 810mm
Basin Width 500m
Toilet Width 365mm
Toilet Height 830mm
Toilet Depth 665mm
Tap Type Mixer
Material Acrylic
Spec Sheet download Link

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of look will this bundle deal create?

With its impeccable style and sophisticated air, the Viktor Benson Freestanding Bath will demand all the attention. Creating a look that is steeped in opulence, this bundle deal will see you walking into a hotel-like luxury every time you enter the door.

Is this deal suitable for more compact bathrooms?

Although freestanding baths typically take front and centre by being place in the middle of a bathroom, this deal also has the customer with a more compact bathroom in mind due to the compactness of the toilet and basin.

Can the freestanding bath go against a wall?

A freestanding bath usually sits in the centre of the room but can certainly be placed near walls in the more compact bathroom. It is recommended that a freestanding bath should be between 15-18 inches from a wall. We advise you to check with a tradesperson if you are unsure whether or not your bathroom is suitable for a freestanding bath.

Are freestanding baths comfortable?

Yes! Freestanding baths do a lot more than adding a touch of luxury to your bathroom. The immersive style and depth of this bath allows for a full-body soak and fully immersive experience. Moreover, the overflow being positioned in the bath’s centre allows you to rest at either side of the bath (it also means that there’s plenty of room to invite someone else in!)

What is a close coupled toilet?

The term ‘close coupled’ derives from the fact that the cistern and the bowl are both contained within the one unit, they are thus ‘closely coupled’ together.

Is a close coupled toilet suitable for more compact bathrooms?

Yes, entirely so. It is designed so that it appears as the one single piece of ceramic, although it is composed of two parts. This creates the overall look of compactness that smaller bathrooms greatly benefit from. It also has a rather neat and tidy looking aesthetic which is popular in contemporary bathrooms.

Is the basin suitable for smaller bathrooms?

Yes, the all-in-one nature of this sink makes for a stylish and practical product. The compactness that is created through the pipework being contained within the basin is perfect for bathrooms on the smaller side, or if you’re after a sleek, tidy look.

Does this basin and its mixer create enough room for comfortable hand-washing?

Yes, certainly so. The overall compactness of the basin and its mixer allows for plenty of room for a thorough washing of hands. This also makes the basin suitable for those with mobility issues who may need a decent amount of space for washing their hands.

What are the advantages of the handset that is included with the bath shower mixer?

This mixer comes with two means of outputting water, the spout which will fill your bath, and an attached handset which can be lifted from the basin, and moved around to clean your hair or wash-down the bath whenever you’re finished.

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